Friday, June 8, 2012

Men in India Love this cream!

Step aside ladies , you are not the only one that wants to beautify yourself as the men in India have a favorite cream that they love to lather up with as the skin whitening trend is dominating the male sector of the cosmetic market. according to market reports the skin whitening creams used by men are emerging as key trend in the market.

A recent published report by the"India Cosmetics male Market - consumer Insights 2012 - by Kuick Research states that the consumption of the cosmetics products of Indian men has witnessed and upward trend due to shifting perceptions about the use of cosmetic products along with its feel good factor.

Even though the Indian male cosmetics is in its early infancy stages, men are willing to pay top dollar for their beauty products and this suggests that over time it will increase. So ladies we might have some competition at the counter.



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