Thursday, May 31, 2012

Will You be Vajazzling Your Hair?

Amy Childs just announced the launch of her hair vajazzle line and she did it in grand style as she channeled pop icon Britney Spears at her premiere. Ms.Childs certainly got the vajazzling point across as she was studded from head to toe from her blonde wig to her nude flesh colored body suit. Amy modeled her own line which features a kit where you can add bling to your hair. people are sceptical about the product but I think it will be a hit as people just love to wear bling. Let's see if the Hair Vajazzle line will be a hot one for Summer. What will they think of next!

After the break check out how Amy Childs channeled Britney Spears at her product launch.

Part 2 - Taking Care of Your Wig!

Nothing is worse than seeing someone rocking a dishevelled matted wig and you feel like you want to snatch it right off their head and give it a good washing... or maybe not. We know that with this intense heat we are going to sweat and that means we have to maintain the upkeep of our wigs so we are always looking ready to take on the world. So here are some helpful wig care tips to help you stay on track.

After wearing your wig and it starts to get a bit funky and the hair starts to look dull, you can revive the softness and to keep it looking fresh:
  • Brushing your wig with a wire brush
  • Use a half mixture of shampoo and water in a spray bottle (more water please). Then lightly spray\y your wig and allow the shampoo to penetrate the hair.
  • Leave it to dry and if it gets a bit stiff comb out the shampoo residue.
  • This interim cleaning will add a nice clean scent to your hair.
If you love it curly, check out this tutorial on how to roller set your wig after the break.

Sharada's Daily Beauty Tips!

Product Review : NYC City Proof Lip Gloss

Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine In Half With These Helpful Tips!

"The Doctors" show us how to effectively cut our morning routine in half, by nixing the unnecessary steps that we take. It's like downsizing but in a good way, so remember break out that baking soda it really works! 

The brush in the video really caught my attention, who wouldn't love a three in one brush? Meet the Goody Quickstyle Brush which has super abosrbent microfiber bristles that removes 30% of the water as you style. This is what the Goody Quickstyle Brush features.

Absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water for faster styling
Antimicrobial microfiber keeps the brush fresh
Side Vents for maximum air flow
Lightweight design to reduce hand fatigue while drying
Ergonomic handle is textured for extra grip

You can pick up this three in one brush for a little over $12.00 and guess what they have thethree in one comb... I wonder how those work,? If you find out let me know!

Just A Taste of High Fashion from Audi Fashion Festival!

This picture is just for some visual stimulation, notice the theme of the big hair while keeping the lashes uniformed. This is what it is all about going against the norm and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Loving it!

In keeping with the theme of big hair, we see a more wearable look on the left with edgy eyes and on the right we see a model sporting what is reminiscent of a birds nest. At a show like this anything goes, but a theme is kept in mind to keep some uniformity. 

photo credit:zimbio

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sharada's Daily Beauty Tip!

Hi folks I will be doing a series of videos,showing quick tips for your beauty fix. If you have any topics you want me to cover just place it in the comments and I will be sure to make a video addressing the topic.

For this tip all you will need is baking soda and water, this acts like a form of microdermabrasion as it exfoliates the skin leaving it silky smooth. It will help to improve your acne and black heads. let me know if you see any improvements.

Take a Peek at What's Under Katy Perry's Makeup!

This is the image we are used to seeing, fully dressed and made up, whether she is sporting green or purple hair,Katy always has on her war paint ready for the paparazzi. However on the Ellen show Katy in promoting her new movie "A Part of Me we get to see Katy before she hits the stage in all her naturalness. It is quite refreshing as Katy reveals we get to see her looking bloated and sporting a pimple or two. 

See what the real Katy Perry looks like after the break...

The Trends Spotted at the Glamour Awards!


Ellie Golding (left) and Rochelle Wiseman were spotted at the Glamour Awards sporting pink toned lips. This is a great illustration how pink can be worn by everyone, you can go bright and glossy like Ellie or muted and matte as worn by Rochelle. Would you rock the pink lips? It certainly would brighten your face.


Vanessa White (left)and Una Healy opted for that glamorous look at me bold red lip and as you can see it works whether you are wearing a little black dress or you decide like Una to go red on red. Take note of how defined their lips are especially Una's lips as she has a somewhat of a cupids bow to create definition. Are you feeling it?

photo credit: zimbio

Spot Concealing Tips You Need to See.

Meet 19 year old Cassandra Bankson who suffers from Acne, she created a you tube video to show people how she covers her acne, hoping to help others out there. As a result of her sharing something so sensitive and being so good at covering up her blemishes she has become an overnight sensation drawing in over 7.6 million views on you tube. I felt that video was very helpful as she showed how she achieved a flawless coverage. So I hope this will help those of you who have skin issues like Cassandra.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrity Hat Trends for Summer!

A great  way to protect your skin from the blazing sun is to wear a fashionable fedora. From Nicole Richie to Tia Mowry- Hardict, they are all wearing this trend. You can wear it with a cool Summer maxi dress or take it up a notch with a suede look for a more dressier outing. it really works, why not kill two birds with one stone, looking hip while protecting your skin. Are you loving it?

After the break find out which hat will work for your face shape.

Adding a Pop of Color With Your Accessories!

Jessica Alba has been spotted on a few occasions sporting lime green shades which brightens her face. There are days when you are not in the mood to wear much makeup but you still want to look bright and fresh. Why not run to your local dollar store and I am sure you can pick up a pair of colorful glasses that can be worked in to give your look a little edge on those down days. If you want to push it a step further you can add more color with a light scarf.

If you not in the mood to wear glasses why not opt for a bright punchy cardigan or an even colorful vest. Let's not forget you can get in on the trend of the colorful jeans that can make a statement. Choose from the variety of hot pinks to turquoise I am sure you can find a color you love.

Selecting The Right Ponytail for You.

Nobody can wear a ponytail quite like Kim Kardashian she is the queen of the tails, whether long or short, edgy or classy she knows how to seamlessly rock the pony. I am sure some of you have a few tails hanging in your closet and there are others who want to rock it but are not sure how to attach it so it appears as natural as possible. So if you want to have options and be able to rock some long hair let's get to it.

Tips for selecting the right ponytail for your hair.
  • When making your selection try and get one that closely resembles your real hair color for seamless blending.
  • Decide you want to go with a synthetic grade or human hair pony based off what you are planning to do with it. If you intend to put heat on your hair it's best to go natural.
  • If you want to create dimension and add volume to your hair, select a ponytail with highlights.
  • If your hair is fine or lacks body, a curly style ponytail extension can add the volume you desire. 
  • If you have wavy hair that is unruly or naturally thick, choose a ponytail hair piece with a slight wave to complement your hair's natural waviness.
After the break learn how to attach your ponytail after your purchase. 

It's Really Okay to Go Without Makeup!

Ali Larter (Heroes Star)
It's really alright  to give your face a makeup break, it gives your skin time to breathe and renew itself. You will notice that when you take a makeup break your next makeup application looks even fresher. Sometimes it is good to change it up a bit, if you are scared about going completely bare, wear a tinted moisturizer which will give you just enough coverage. Personally I try to incorporate makeup free days as much as possible, as showing skin is a good thing. If you have been noticing alot of celebs have been going against the norm and putting pictures of themselves out there wearing no makeup. Back in the day, that was unheard of as celebs were just picture perfect. I guess this is a way for the celebs to identify with their fans showing them that they are regular people who have off days.
So go ahead and have a makeup break

DIY: Get in on the Dip Dye Trend!

If you have been watching The Kardashian's or even my favorite Khloe and Lamar you would have noticed Khloe's new hair color which is called dip dye. Dip Dye is where the hair starts out dark and ends up light towards the ends. It is a gorgeous look which I know will be hot look for the Summer as "A" Lister's like Drew Barrymore have been seen sporting the Dip Dye trend. I guess it is the Tied Dye version for the hair. Are you loving it?

If you are ready to get in on the Dip Dye trend check out this helpful video which gives you options.

Monday, May 28, 2012

How to make a face mask using essential oils!

Essential oils act as transporters to carry therapeutic benefits to the skin layers They also help improve the skin's condition by stimulating circulation. A great way to utilize your essential oil on the skin is by adding ti to distilled water. By itself the essential oil can be pretty potent and so if you have sensitive skin this is the way to go.
Start out by  putting 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil into 4 oz. of distilled water, place it in a spray bottle and use as needed. Essential oils may also be added to your lotions or moisturizers. However, because the oils are volatile, you cannot make up the preparation in advance. Pour some lotion into your hand; add 3 drops of oil and apply to your skin.

A great way to incorporate your essential oils is to use it in your mask. after the break find out how.

Make Your Own Honey Mask!

DIY Honey Face Mask -- powered by ehow

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get Ready for Summer with Wavy Beach Hair.

There are a variety of ways you can get that wavy beach hair for that great Summer Party. You can either start out with freshly washed hair then apply mousse which helps with getting your curls defined. to further enhance the waviness you can part your hair in four sections and then twist them in a bun and secure them with bobby pins. This is great to do the night before as it gives the hair to dry out a bit and set.

This informative video will get your hair beach ready after the break.

Erase Sun Spots With This Space Drink!

Would you be brave enough to consume a beverage that has been developed by Nasa scientists which claim to erase sun damage? I would try it... This photo taken shows that the drink known as AS10 ( very scientific) has proven to rejuvenate sun damaged skin. So i am sure that this very expensive beverage will be flying off the shelves as sun goddesses will be gulping it up.

According to sources the visa photographs reveal the condition of the skin below the surface by utilizing different measures of  light exposure – were taken of 180 participants at the start of the trial, and again after four months of drinking two shots of AS10 a day. By the end UV spots were reduced by 30 per cent and wrinkles by 17 per cent. That is a big reduction.

AS10 was designed as a nutritional supplement for astronauts contains a blend of fruits . If you want to indulge in this fountain of youth get ready to cough up £30 per 750ml bottle, the cost was just under £300 over the four months. 

If you decide to try it let me know if it works!


Perfect Your Foundation Stippling Technique!

This is a great  video which will help you  fine tune your stippling technique for a flawless foundation finish.

Nail Polish Trends: Getting the Moon in Your Manicure

If you love to be on top of the latest nail polish trends you know that the half moon is all the rage this season. They come in gold and blue , black and grey whatever color you can dream up you can get it done by your nail technician. If you want to be able to create your own nail moon on your own, even just for a bit of experiment you can with these easy steps. It's always great to be able to know that you can do it yourself... right?

After the break follow these steps to create your own signature moon!

image courtesy of pinterest

Part 1- Taking Care of Your Favorite Wigs.

                                 Credit: Melissa Ford Instagram
A good wig especially one made with human hair is certainly not cheap and as a result one has to know how to maintain and care for such high end accessories as i call it. If you are a wig lover and I am sure there are lots of you out there who have massive collections it is important that you know ho w to take care of your investments. Here are some tips to help preserve the life of your wig and to keep you looking fly when you step out.

Invest in a good wire brush,this will keep the tangles out without pulling the hair out of your wig.Losing hair is a big no no, what's the point of that anyway. Do not over brush your wig, you can use your fingers to pull at the wig gently to help with detangling.

A great way to store your wig when you are not using it is on a wig head or styrofoam wig stand. It helps to keep the shape of the wig and overall it's better than throwing it down in a bag or drawer where it can get tangled. On this stand you can keep it perfectly styled and ready to go. Leeping it covered with a wig nest is also great to preserve the styling and it helps to tame the stray hairs.

Stay tuned for part two of how to wash and maintain your wig.

Vogue's Statement Cover.. What Message Is It Sending?

Of late Vogue has been creating statement making trends, by going against the norm and this latest cover is no different. Utilizing a tribal mask which highlights the way a face naturally wrinkles are they trying to say to consumers that it is okay to embrace aging and what comes with it? Instead of going the route of using an overly photo shopped image of a woman of perfection they played upon the natural elements of the face. Is this just a coincidence, if it was intended why not use an older model? What do you really think.? Sometimes images are put out innocently and yet they create waves as we read into into the subliminal messages they send. I am loving the earthy feel of the cover.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finding the Right Red Lipstick For Your Lips!

As a request from one of my subscribers.. you know who, I am going to give you some tips you can use when trying to find that perfect red lipstick. At the end of the day you still have to try them on as it might look good in the tube but not on you.
Don't test with your hands as it is not a true indication of how it will come out on your lips.

The chart below gives an indication of what might look good on you.

All Skin Tones: True primary red – ie. The classic London Bus colour. Although some argue that true reds still work best on pale skins.

Cool Skin Tones (pink undertones): Pink tones of red, Berry Reds, Blackberry Reds, Brick Reds, Blue tones of Red, Plum tones.

Warm Skin Tones (yellow undertones): Orangey reds, Warm reds, Tomato reds, Brown based reds, Golden reds, Tawny reds.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that blue toned reds will have a whitening effect on teeth.

After the break check out how to apply your red lipstick.

The How To's Of Teasing Your Hair!

When you see an image like this , don't you wonder how it is achieved? Yes I believe some extensions have been added to the model's hair, but to create the big hair effect for the volume it has to be teased. Let's take a look at the steps so we can get our own big hair on and popping.

Here's how to get it done:

Wash, dry, and thoroughly brush your hair. Teasing wet or tangled hair increases the likelihood of tearing and damage. If possible, dry your hair while hanging your head upside-down to encourage volume in the roots.

Separate a single section of hair, moving and clipping the rest out of the way. A good size to start with would be about 2 inches wide. Smaller sections (e.g. 1 inch wide) will make for stiffer volume but will also take longer.

Using one hand to hold it straight up, gently touch a brush to the back of this section of hair. The brush should be several inches above the scalp. A comb will also work but will not be as gentle.

Lightly brush downward towards the scalp while continuing to hold the hair. Repeat the teasing motion until the strand has the desired volume. The curlier the hair, the less teasing will be needed. If necessary, spritz the teased section with hairspray before letting it down gently.

Refine your teasing techniques after the break.

See How Red Lips Can Brighten Your Face!

Miley Cyrus pictured on the left looked really fresh faced with luscious lashes and a flesh colored lipstick. The picture on the right we see more of a pop as Miley dazzles in a bright red lipstick. Did you know that wearing red lipstick actually makes your teeth appear whiter? Color can never be a bad thing. Some of us shy away from these colors as we fear it wouldn't work or because we don't like the attention we might get. Just give it a try start out light on the lip until you get bold enough to go full blast.

DIY: Make Your Own Purple Hair Dye!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is certainly a woman of many hair colors, you never know if she will have a blue or a green moment. So if you want to get in on the colorful hair movement and you like to do it yourself , check out how to dye your hair with your favorite fruity mix.

Instructions for Making Purple Hair Dye at Home

Boil the water in the pot and add the two packets of grape sugar-free powdered drink mix.

Stir well until thoroughly mixed.

Let the mixture cool a bit. Dip hair into the warm mixture. Ladle the mixture over your roots.

Blot your hair with paper towels to get excess moisture out. Wipe your face where any of the drink mix mixture might have spilled.

Put on the plastic hair cap if you want deeper and more dramatic color. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight. Blow-dry your hair when you have the color you want.


Trend Alert: Matching Your Manicure With Your Outfit

A new trend is on the horizon where you match your nails with your outfit, so if you are rocking a blue dress like Beyonce Carter you can surely break out the blue nails even though you are not the mother of Blue Ivy. On the red carpet this trend is taking over as we stars from A listers like Reese Witherspoon getting in on the trend. So get to matching folks.

Alexander Wang and Die Antwoord Spring 2012 Photo-Shoot.

Alexander Wang decided to give us a brief sneak peak behind the scenes of his photo shoot. Thanks Alex. Enjoy and take notes folks.

Meet The New Judges Of America's Next Top Model.


Tyra has decided to give America some "majahhh" eye candy for the next ANT series and I am sure you all will be tuning in to see Rob Evans. As a model I guess Rob will have an eye who has the chops for the business. I hope there is a behind the scenes camera as I am sure that this eye candy will be making his presence felt behind the scenes as well.


Meet Johnny Wujek, I know some of you may not have heard of him he is an ex model turned stylist who works for celebs like Katy Perry. Tyra is pulling in the star power and they are not bad on the eye either.

After the break check out the newest addition to the panel.

Get Your Dreadlocks locked this Summer!

The finals of American Idol saw Rihanna rocking dreadlocks for her performance. One thing is for sure Rihanna is ever evolving as she keeps it moving as one never knows what she is gonna do next and this what keeps our interest peeked. She is indeed a trend setter... so are you ready to follow her lead? I went researching how we could get the dread lock look without the commitment of ruining our natural hair. There are many techniques out there but I selected this particular one which requires you putting in hair extensions, to create the locks.

Check it out after the break.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Curl definition at your fingertips.

Halle Berry has been sporting curly extensions for a minute, I still love her short do but this works.Sometimes it is good to take a break and switch up your look to add some variety. I tend to have naturally curly hair and sometimes I don't have the time to break out the flat iron. So this has allowed me to explore which products really work for my curly hair. I find that using a great mousse when your hair has just been washed works, but not all mousses make the cut. The best product that I have used that has given my hair that great defined curl without the stiffness is Garnier Curl Construct.

The curl construct mousse works great on freshly washed hair and can get reactivated the next day by spraying your hair with water and just applying more product for fresh curls. This product is truly a keeper in my books. Try it and see..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unusual Remedies if You Have a Hair Disaster!


If you love to dye your hair at home, you know that the color sometimes doesn't come out the way we expected. You might be trying for a brown and you turn into a red head or you are applying color to your blond hair and you realise that you have this unsightly green tinge that looks like someone just slapped you with a hand full of sea weed. It can happen, but don't be alarmed as even celebs like Sienna Miller  had a visit  from the sea weed monster when she used henna on her golden locks. Thinking that henna a natural dye would work beautifully, because it is after all without chemicals she was shocked to discover that it turned her hair green.

According to Sienna Miller,

'I thought I was being clever as  henna is all natural,’ she said. ‘Little did I know it was the worst thing I could have done... it coats the follicles so nothing else can penetrate. I ended up having to use ketchup for about a year to get rid of the green tinge'.

Yes folks, good old ketchup, it's amazing the products we can use to remedy those hair disasters. Ketchup can help blond hair that's been discolored. The red helps to cancel out the green tones and it's acid helps to remove the minerals that caused the initial reaction. You have to repeat the process like Sienna Miller did to remove the green tinge as it takes some time.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Is It Safe To Use Your Eyeliner On Your Lips?

                       credit: Twitter
Singer Kesha is seen at the BMI Pop Awards getting the most out of her electric purple eyeliner by using it on her lip. I know most if not all of us have used our eyeliners on our lips because most times it works. The question we should ask ourselves is, is it safe to do it? According to a report released last year, the average lipstick-wearing woman manages to consume an estimated five pounds of lipstick per year. it has been suggested by experts that using eyeliner on your lips is not safe as it is bound to be ingested. This puzzles me as if it is not safe to be ingested it shouldn't be near the eyes  as invariably the liner gets into your blood stream once you apply it to to the rims of your eyes.

The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) form for Cover Girl's Liquiline Blast Eyeliner (which Kesha appears to be applying in their Violet Voltage hue) warns that "accidental ingestion of undiluted product may cause mild gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea," which proves that while the formula is safe to use on eyes, Kesha's off-brand use of the product on her lips is a risky move.

I believe if it is not safe for the lips how can it be safe for the eyes, I guess we have to start being more vigilant about the side effects of cosmetics to know what is best for our health. 

How To Get The Kate Middleton Tan!

If you love all things Kate Middleton you will want to know how Kate gets her natural looking tan. In my opinion she doesn't look the slightest bit tanned but maybe I am color blind. To get your own princess tan this is what tanning expert James Harknet has to say about Kate's natural approach.

'She takes incredibly good care of her skin, so a light, sheer self-tan on top is all she needs for a polished glow,’ ‘Instead  of over-applying colour, which builds up  in heavy layers, Kate lets her tan fade naturally,’ he adds.

To get that natural sun kissed look it is suggested that you first moisturize then use a brush to exfoliate your skin softening it and allowing it to fade before applying getting a fresh spray.

After the break check out more tips on how to get your body prepared for your tanning session.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Going Green with your Cleanser!

As a request from one of my subscribers, let's have a green day today why not take a natural approach with our skincare starting with cleansers. Here's what you will need for a "green" cleanser, no harsh chemicals just a great natural alternative which involves yogurt, honey and lime. Sounds yummy doesn't it?

Combine your 2 teaspoons of yogurt and honey with a 2 teaspoons of lime juice, stir and you have a great cleanser. You can make a batch and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. It is a great way to start the day.

image courtesy of pinterest

Monday, May 14, 2012

Supermodels have their breakouts just like us regular folks!

Isn't it a reality check for us regular folks to see that supermodels like Lily Cole indeed faces the same skin issues we often encounter? This is not to celebrate any one's bad skin day but I felt it should be highlighted as we are so bombarded with overly photo shopped images of beauty that we develop insecurities about how we look. So cheer up today and know that the models we see have some of the same issues we face like acne, and bad hair days.  

A great tip for reducing the redness and swelling of pimples is to use good old Neosporin which is a favorite treatment that is used by Kanye's ex Amber Rose.

After the break see what Lily Cole looks like when she is all dolled up fro the cameras.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Get noticed with great head shots!

Demi Lovato
When heading out to a casting call you must never forget your head shot, as casting directors want to see what you really look like in print. it helps to visualize what you could possibly look like if they cast you for their project. Here are some pointers to remember when you are going to get your head shots done.

Tip 1 - Your head shot must look like you!
It should look like you on your best days. remember to keep the makeup to a minimum as natural as possible. You don't want to appear as if you are trying to cover up something, for example bad skin etc.

Tip 2 - A Great Head shot shows your Type!
 Your head shot should reveal to the casting director your type. Are you the girl next door, the best friend? The picture should reflect the type of person you are or what you are trying to represent. it helps the casting director better visualize you for the role to see if you would be a perfect fit.

Tip 3 - It Reflects your Personality!
 This is where what makes you unique comes into play, it could be a twinkle in your eye or a brilliant smile. The head shot should reveal your personality. It helps you stand out from the pack.

Tip 4 - Your picture is about you and not the photographer!
Remember not to get overwhelmed by the photographer's suggestions

If you want to get it done right find out how from Peter Hurley after the break.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blast from the Past, Saved by the Bell's Lark Voohries aka Lisa Turtle!

Some of you might remember Lark Voohries from the hit show Saved by the Bell, she was such a cutie. Well a video just came out of her being interviewed by Michael Ho and trust me I am sure no one heard what she was saying. People were taken a back by the ghastly makeup. Speculations are arising that it could be due to bad lighting or she was trying to cover up something. In my opinion the lighting was not great but the makeup was on over drive, too much blush and scary eye shadows. I want to bet she has a skin condition and was trying to mask it... maybe vitiligo. We will see.

Check out what all the fuss is about after the break.

You could be the next JET Beauty!

Jet Magazine just announced that it is having open calls for the next Jet Beauty of the Week, so get your head shots ready and hit the gym as you have to wear a bikini. The magazine announced it's first ever open call to connect with their readers to show that Jet Magazine is open to growth and change.
So if you want to meet one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, yes,the one and only Cynthia Bailey will be there with Editor in Chief Mitzi Miller at the casting call. If you're lucky maybe Ne Ne might be there. So if you feel that you might embody the kind of beauty they are looking for give it a try, you never know what might happen and what door can open.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vampy Lip Colors I know You will Love!


Camilla Belle
This is great if you have warm tones in your skin, a great apricot blush is a nice compliment. Camilla's makeup looks might look a bit heavy but it works as the red carpet tends to wash out your skin as you are in front of very bright lights.


Jessica Alba gives it to us old Hollywood style with the wavy polished hair and well defined red lip. This is a very classy wearable look that looks glamorous without all the fuss.

Get the no fuss glamorous look after the break.


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