Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Would you look like this after one month without cosmetics?


Meet Anna Pursglove, she decided to take on the challenge of forgoing cosmetics for one month. This also includes absolutely no female grooming from creams,manicures, lotions potions and we mean everything. She did however use bargain basement brands for example shampoos just for the basics. Would you take on the challenge of going without your daily routine of makeup and weekly manicures? Do you think your body could handle no moisturizer or your special volumizing shampoo.. ? If you want to see what month could possibly do to you take a look after the break .

Brow tips courtesy of Justin Bieber!

I know some people will be raising eyebrows but yes, whether you are a man, woman or  a child once you are appearing on camera it is best to wear makeup to cancel out the imperfections on the skin. If that is not done our inquisitive friend the HD camera shows everything up and I mean every pore. When I came across this picture of Justin getting all dolled up for his video shoot I saw the opportunity to point out the use of clear mascara or brow gel to get our unruly brows picture perfect. We can only imagine how unruly Justin Bieber's brows are and they look to need some taming.

After you have defined your brows with your powder or pencil you can set it with a brow gel. For a fresh look you can nix the eye brow pencil and run the brow gel through for a neat finish. Ensure your brows are free of stray hairs for a more polished look. BTW clear mascara works just as good as brow gel so if you have it in your stash you are good to go.

Luster's Pink Stylin' Shaper Review.

If you ever come across a product that not only protects your hair from heat adds sheen and most importantly doesn't flake you have hit the jackpot. I am always searching high and low for products that don't flake but Luster's Pink Stylin' Shaper is a must buy. It has just enough hold to keep the curls locked. Just start out by applying the spray to the section of hair you are going to style and then you lay on the heat to straighten or to curl. 
 Trust and believe it works it has my stamp of approval and it is easy on the purse coming in at $4.99, you can pick this baby up almost anywhere
Quality,affordability and accessibility, what's not to love about that. Try it out and hit me up if you got a flake free experience like I did.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Are the Kardashian's pushing a new Bindi line?

Will you be rocking the Bindi? All it takes for a product to be all the rage and fly off the=shelves is for a Kardashian to wear it or slightly refer to it. Kardashians pull a lot of weight with consumers. Trust and believe, we will be seeing variations of the Bindi.. retailers must be happy. Back to Khloe, the Bindi she is rocking is classy and works for her face, I guess they are tapping into their culture.

If want to explore the world of Bindi... and there is so much to explore check it out after the break.

More Gloss for your Bucks !

I have to tell you I love to get as much bang for my buck as I can especially when it comes to cosmetics. I know it is not always about quantity,as quality is very important. With that being said meet these lovely glosses that not only will stretch your dollar but they are just as good on the lip. One of my favorite glosses of all time is Jordana, you know them, they are available at your dollar stores and are carried by Walgreens. I am happy to get this product which has stood up to the test when it comes to quality and I thank God the prices have not risen dramatically as I used to rock these glosses when I was living in Jamaica. Check out this favorite of mine which gives you just the right touch of natural pink without looking icey.

I absolutely love this gloss called TTYL 108, not only is it creamy with the right amount of shine unlike other brands it doesn't feel sticky and it lasts for over 4 hours. Plus you don't get those unsightly buildups on your lip line like you haven't eaten in days. In Jamaica we call that look"White Squall" .. not a good look. So for $1.99 you can stock up and may I suggest the red gloss XOXO LOL 103 which is a tint of a true red. Great if you want a bit of color without the boldness.
image courtesy of pinterest.com

My review of Maybelline Falsies Mascara!

Today I decided to forgo my fake lashes and try out Maybelline's The Falsies Volum' Express mascara. I am a fan of the staple pink and green mascara which has stood the test of time. I was wondering if Maybelline really had a great product, if what they claimed that their new mascara could really give your the false look without the false lashes was true or just hype.
My lashes I felt were the best testers, not only are they thin they are not that long so I knew that it would be a true reflection if the product can do the job. Here's what I discovered.

What's True
This product in fact gives you the false lash look, my lashes were long and very noticeable and  very black. I was quite surprised and impressed with the outcome as I tried it on before heading out to Church. Normally I would be rocking my falsies but this mascara really made my eyes pop. You have to  apply quite a few coats starting at the base to create thickness building up to the tip. Then as you reapply start mid way to elongate the lashes.

What you will notice
Even though it lives up to its claims of giving your eyes the false look you will notice that it can be bit flaky . My solution is to go over it with a waterproof mascara to comb it through to clean up the specks and to lock the product in.

For me Maybelline Volum' Express "The Falsies" is A BUY!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Guide to getting Snookified!

I have to admit I am not a big fan of the Jersey Shore, I don't get the constant partying and drinking and crazy antics which is all we see. However I seem to be the minority as the majority looove to watch all the craziness and even developed a cult like obsession with Snooki. From her big hair, long lashes and her too pale pink lips, we see miniature versions of Snooki all over the place. I have been privy to spot them and I have to admit they are really kind of cute as the wanna be Snooki's I have seen have made it their own, implementing aspects of the Snookilicious looks in a wearable way. So if you want to get Snookified as I call it her are some ideas to get you on your way .

After the break check out what you need to get your Snooki on!


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