Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make Your own Alicia Keys Inspired Head Chain!

Alicia Keys stepped out at the Paris Fashion Week and showed everyone that there are many ways you can rock jewelry... and rocked it she did. If you love head candy as I call it and want to learn how to create your very own check this out. 

What you need!

 A Brooch

If you have an old ornate looking brooch lying around you can use it to make your own head chain.You would have to remove the clip at the back and ensure the base is smooth enough so that when it rests on your forehead it doesn't get scraped. If you need to remove the back you can get wire cutters at your craft store. 

A Chain Link

If you have old costume jewelry not being used why not get crafty and use it to create your head candy. if you happen to not have any chain links you can pick some up at your craft store where they will have a wide variety. You might even try out some beads as well but that would mean either a simpler brooch or none at all as we are not trying to look gaudy. 

Get inspired with some tips on how to put your head candy together. Please excuse the crying. lol.

Is your Toe Nail a health hazard ?

Meet Ayanna who is featured on TLC's show My Strange Addiction which highlight the 54 yr old's addiction to having long toe nails and her refusal to cut them as they are her babies. Do you have such babies walking around with? If so you might want to rethink this trend as Ayanna is now suffering from Type 2 diabetes which requires exercise and activity, all of which Ayanna is unable to do because of her long toe nails. Check them out!

Do you want to have "babies" like these? Ayanna is stubborn and refuses to cut them even though she is forced to walk like a penguin on her heels and walk side ways on the stairs. Can we say ouch! This tidbit is just to show that addictions come in all forms. One thing for sure is that Ayanna keeps them well manicured.

After the break check out a snippet from the TLC show!

How to prevent getting bald spots- Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian was spotted today sporting something that we never see... yes she had a bald spot which is a common occurrence from the use of too tight extensions that can eat away at the hair line. Extensions can really add top your look especially if your hair is silghtly on the thin side.

How does thinning occur?
Bald spots occur when the traction from the hair pieces when worn over long periods of time weakens the hair. So I guess the safest thing is to give your hair a break periodically from extensions or don't keep them in too long.If you prolong the process you will find that it eats away at your hairline as seen in the image below of Naomi Campbell.

After the break check out these natural treatments if you are suffering from thinning hair lines and bald spots.

Get Rihanna's Perfect skin Fix!

You may have conflicting feelings towards Rihanna with the release of her Birthday Cake single featuring Chris Brown. However we cannot deny that Rihanna rocks the most gorgeous skin. Voted as one of the top beauty icons of 2011 beating out the likes of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, Rihanna certainly holds her own in the skin department. To get Rihanna's perfect skin we thankfully don't have to break the bank if you have $40 bucks to spare as you can layer on Per-f├ękt cheek range and Gel duo. This product designed for the woman on the go who has no time to layer on the different products such as concealer, primer and what not. So if this sounds like your life, this product might work for you.

What it does:

  • It helps to prep the skin before your makeup application and leaves your skin looking radiant and refreshed with a hint of color
Where to apply it:
  • Product should be applied on cheekbones , forehead and bridge of the nose. It is also available in two shades to boost natural skin color.
Touted as containing Niacin (vitamin B3) which helps with skin circulation and other antioxidants to help premature aging, I believe  it is worth a try for $40 dollars.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CK One Dives into the Beauty Arena !

Makeup lovers you better get ready as Coty Prestige will be launching CK One Cosmetics this Spring with over 130 products to hit the shelves. Not to worry the CK brand will start out at a very affordable range of $13.00 which will pose a serious threat tho other beauty brands. If the the colors are true to life as in the pictures we will all be in for a treat. The products promise to bring a dose of youthful energy with it's bold colors which the brand feels will grab the attention of women globally.

CK One Cosmetics will also be introducing their Look Real products which aim to target the perfect foundation. That is a plus as more brands need to be more diverse with their range of colors towards different skin tones. The brand which will be retailed at your local Ulta will have eye shadows, lip glosses and bronzers from their Add Intensity collection.


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