Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amerie keeps it Neutral for Sheen Magazine!

Amerie decided to keep her makeup neutral for the beauty magazine cover of Sheen with just a pair of lashes to pop the effect. Keeping your makeup neutral is pretty easy once you have selected your foundation you can utilize contour powder to create definition on the cheek bones, the jaw line and on the nose. Applying shadows to your face will create or enhance your bone structure . 
For a neutral looking lip you can use a neutral lipstick or apply your foundation on your lips, set it with powder and you can wear it matte or add a dab of gloss. To give your eyes a neutral effect swipe an earth tone shadow in the crease to give the eye definition to stand out or you can just go bare the choice is yours.

My product pick!

A great palette for you to try out your neutral look is the Two Faced Natural Palette which is available for $36.00. This palette unlike most takes the guess work out of how to apply the shades as it comes with its very own instructions for a daytime look or if you like it classic or if you want to keep it trendy. The shades in this palette are pretty universal and can fit most if not all skin tones and you have some option of matte and irridicent colors.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jennifer Anniston's Laser Therapy Beauty Obsession!

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Anniston at 43, maintains her great skin? Well Jennifer let the cat out the bag when she visited The Conan Obrian show, as she revealed her obsession with laser therapy. According to the former Friends star it helped to remedy her issues with sun spots. Jennifer says you start out the first week looking like a burn victim only to have your the dead skin fall off for 8 days. Would you be up to that?
Here are some facts if you want to try out Jennifer's skin obsession.
  • You can do it at your doctor's office and it won't hurt. You can choose to do it at home by using low level emissions of laser therapy which is said to be 100% safe.
  • It rejuvenates the skin to its lustrous glow which will be revealed when the dead skin falls off.
The Disadvantages
You have to be careful when doing this procedure as if the laser emissions are too high it can cause skin burns. So you have to ensure that the technician is aware that everyone has different skin sensitivity levels. The fairer your skin the more sensitive your skin will be and will be more susceptible to burns.

After the break check out this before and after picture of how laser therapy works on your sun spots.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Beach Ready Makeup Like Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian took to the beach today showing that she looks just as great wet as she does when she is dry. To perfect the Kim Kardashian flawless beach look we have to remember that whatever you apply to your skin , especially if you can't live without your eyeliner and mascara keep it waterproof. Here are some great waterproof makeup that i highly recommend that will keep you looking Kardashian beautiful!

Products I recommend!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner High Precision Liner is a richly pigmented liner that comes in a variety of colors and yes, it is waterproof. So no more runny liners for you as you make your way through the waves. These liners are available in 15 shades from matte to iridescent  colors , so you have options which we love for just $18 dollars. Just remember to use a makeup remover to get them off.

After the break find out which waterproof mascara was voted as the best overall by Good Houskeeping.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carnival Proofing your Makeup!

Carnival season is upon us an whether you will be apart of the carnival parading in your fancy costume or you will be watching from the sidelines you want to have your makeup carnival proofed. Keeping your makeup free from sweat is number one on everyones list. No one wants a runny face. So here are some product suggestions to help keep your makeup fresh and matte for those humid days.

  • It's best to skip the creamy formula foundation opt for a oil free brand. Revlon has great liquid formulas that are fast drying and stays in place.
Featured on Oprah and Extra, Model in a Bottle setting spray which you use after applying your makeup keeps your makeup in place during those hot humid days. The great thing about this product is that it is great fro sensitive skin. In addition to using a setting spray keep your blotting papers on hand just as a back up measure just to keep your shine factor to a minimum. They are easy to carry as they can just slip into your tiny purse or your jean pocket.

After the break check out these Jennifer Lopez and Fergie at the Rio de Janero Carnival.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wendy Raquel Robinson covers Denim Magazine.

The fabulousness that is Wendy Racquel Robinson of the hit BET show "The Game" lands the cover of Denim Magazine. In this issue, she speaks about the criticism  the show has received from audiences regarding the show's development. I am glad The Game is back even though I am lagging behind by a couple of episodes and need to catch up. Are you loving "Tasha Mack's" look? I love the soft colors used on her face as she already has very pronounced features. Very classy.

After the break check out "The Game" sate on the cover.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty In the streets!

Attendees of New York Fashion Week!

Apart from the dominant trend of the bold lip, the accessory of the moment are glasses, whether they be bold, wiry or strange looking. Just rock them and you will be en Vogue.

Second Africa Themed L'Uomo Vogue Photo Shoot in the Works!

Editor of Vogue Italia FrancaSozanni revealed she is planning on publishing a second edition of L'Uomo Vogue which will hit newstands in May or June. Will you be picking up a copy? I know it will be sold out . According to Sozanni this upcoming issue will be more than just about fashion..
" It will be about the presidents, it will be about the people. But in a very positive way. I don't want to say in a glamourous way , but I wanted to show the very side, only the good side. There are a lot of talented people in art, in music, in cinema and everywhere. So I really wanted to push that side".

Variety is the spice of life, it will be interesting to see who makes it, Cassie has been rumoured to have just shot with Vogue Italia recently so it will be interesting when it hit news stands.


Oscar de la Renta is entering the nail game!

For his Fall collection Oscar de la Renta debuted a pale blue lacquered nail polish which every model rocked. Are you feeling it? According to sources it seems that the fashion designer is expanding and will be entering the nail and lip game with six polishes and nail colors. This pastel featured will be apart of the collection which will be launched in October. Will you be dipping your lips and tips in Oscar de la Renta? Stay tune for more news as the launch approaches.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's all about the Red Lip For Celebs at Fashion Week!


Lil' Kim


Iris Apfel

Daily Beauty Beat!

Today's beauty is none other than Taylor Momsen who rocked a fabulous look from her two toned deep shadow right down to her laced Marchesa dress. Taylor Momsen is known for her grunge inspired makeup looks but turned up the classy dial and blew us out of the water. The shadow application consists of deep blue on the lower lids with black for contour which draws us in to her blue eyes. Her lower rim is lined with blue liner to pull us in further and her upper lash line is lined and winged out with liquid liner. A very dramatic effect that has been pulled off nicely.

After the break check out Taylor's complete look.

Nicki Minaj at Mac ViVa Glam Event!

If your name isn't Nicki Minaj I personally wouldn't recommend you going to an even like this. Only Nicki Minaj can pull off this look with her blonde wig,over the top lashes and bright pink lips, she works the Mac Viva Glam event. One thing for sure Nicki doesn't care what the world thinks she has her own style that she is comfortable with even if some say it is a bit gimicky. What do you think?

Are you loving Good Deeds star Thandie Newton's Retro look?

Good Deeds star, Thandie Newton showed up at the movie's premiere with fresh twist to the bun. Utilizing her natural curly waves Thandie chose a retro inspired look which suited her well. The added touch of bold lips completed the retro vintage inspired look. Are you feeling it?

To create your own personalized stylish buns check out this great video after the break.

Backstage Highlights of New York Fashion Week

The Bold Lip - Marc by Marc Jacobs

The Nude - J Mendel

Plums and Curls - Badgley Mischka

It's all about the plum shadow, and lip with a hint of gold liner for the rims this season. Let's not forget the curls which can be achieved by doing tiny pin curls and pinning them in place to keep the curl till you are ready to loosen them.

Asian Influence- Zac Posen
Zac Posen's play on Asian influence from the cupids bow lips and stylized eye reinforces the theme topped off with a sleek edgy bun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nicki Minaj gets Blue For Vogue!

Vogue took the creative plunge  to put Nicki Minaj in blue. This image was shot by famed photographer Steven Klein. Are you loving it? speak on it!

The return of The Big Hair - Kylie Minogue for Stylist Mag!

Kylie Minogue in the February issue of Stylist Magazine debuted the return of the Big Hair. I am sure the ladies in Texas would argue that big hair never really left. With voluptuous curls Kylie Minogue sat center stage on just a mere apple box as her big hair became the focal point of the cover. For this feature Kylie did three covers for the magazine which showcased her with rollers in her hair  surrounded by an array of shoes.


See which celebs are sporting "Big Hair" and check out this great video on how to add more volume to your locks.

Kim Kardashian gets shipwrecked for Allure!

Kim Kardashian got all entangled in the shipwrecked theme for Allure Magazine which hits the stands this March. In this issue Kim's makeup was toned way down to reveal her natural beauty, something that we only see if we are lucky when she goes to the gym. On Kim's website she is shown behind the scenes being sprayed by water in between shots on the set. A great tip if you want that wet look for a photo shoot , you can use a gloss hair spray on your body to give you that effect. Then you apply water for that drippy effect. 

After the break check out Kim's Allure cover which shows a toned down Kardashian in the March issue.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ciara is getting in on the Blonde Hair Trend!

Another one bites the dust, I am making it official the hot hair color this season is blonde tips, highlights and whatever blonde looks that can be created. Ciara is the latest celeb to dip into the blonde tea and it is working for her. I guess to make the news you have to change your hair color or post on twitter. I guess it is a great PR move to make visual adjustments. Loving Ciara's bold lips and smokey eyes, her face looks quite bright and fresh. Do you like? Speak on it!

Wet 'n' Wild Cosmetics Lands Fergie as their Spokeswoman!

The very popular drugstore brand Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics is stepping into the big leagues as they just announced that the new face for their brand is none other than Fergie from Black Eye Peas. This strategic move by the popular brand signals that it wants to reach a wider market and I am sure by signing Fergie it will take the profile of their brand up a notch. According to Fergie , she is glad to partner with brands that her fans can afford. Watch out for more press as Wet 'n' Wild seeks to further brand themselves.


Twittersphere Celeb Updates!

Miley Cyrus is curious to know if you like her new hair cut.. do you like? This is a cute hair cut, what do you think?

I am just loving Amerie's pixie cut very retro, nice lips.

For viewing pleasure check out Amerie after the break with her pixie cut with smokey eyes and a nude lip. LOVE IT

Monday, February 13, 2012

Laura Govan's Hot makeup look for BE Magazine

In the spotlight today is LA Basketball wife reality starlet Laura Govan who covers BE Magazine. It seems like out of no where we have a new crop of magazines all over the place.The entrepenurial spirit is being unleashed in the editorial world. In this issue Laura talks about why she is over Jackie Christie and a whole host of  other stuff like her 23 carat ring from Gilbert Arenas. Even though that info is juicy, our main focus is her fab makeup like her ultra smokey eye and nude lips. This look is also reigning supreme and running neck and neck with the bold lip and it looks great on everyone. Don't you just love universal makeup looks that just work. 
For those of you who need to get that nude lip done just right I have the thing for you...

After the break, you brush up on your nude lip application.

Ashanti Rocks the Pocahantas!

Ashanti attended New York fashion week embodying the Disney character Pocahantas! I am not sure about the dress as it is quite revealing and a challenge to cover oneself especially when sitting. One thing's for sure Ashanti knows what it takes to make the news. You have to give it to Ashanti as her makeup is ALWAYS on point and this look is no different.

If you want to be Pocahantas for the day just like Ashanti check out this great video.

Remembering the Iconic Whitney Houston!

There are no words that can say.. only that the world will miss this treasure.. Here are a few pictures of the iconic Whitney Houston who blessed us with her talent.

Whether long or short Whitney Houston knew what look worked for her and she rocked the hell out of it. We will miss her smile!


After the break check out Whitney's hit song for "The Body Guard".

Demi Lovato loves Blondes!

Every and anyone is dipping into the Blonde tea, as another celeb twit pics their blonde ambition. Demi Lovato debuted her blonde hair to her followers on twitter and I am loving it. Lighter colors really do much to brighten the face. Demi wears her blonde tones well as they work with her undertones. Are you feeling a Blonde moment coming? This tea is spreading like wild fire!

Grammy's Hottest looks!

Rihanna shows that blondes do have more fun as she struts her stuff in a revealing dress.Loving her beachy curls, black rimmed eyes and nude lips.

A classic Taylor Swift took to the red carpet with her up swept hair she wore her signature smokey eyes with a balanced red lip.

Kelly Rowland has been rocking the curly do for sometime now which I love. it is a welcomed change. Kelly rocked a smokey eye and nude lip which works well, can Kelly ever do wrong in the makeup department? She is always on point!
In her sequined dress that I m not really in love with, I think Carrie Underwood could have worn a more flattering dress especially with her fab physique. However, her makeup was great as it complimented her dress as she opted for a glamorous smokey eye paired with a glossy nude lip.

Adele works it out on Vogue!

Adele who graces the cover of the next edition of Vogue shows the world that beauty is not one dimensional. Sporting her trademark wing tipped liner, and beautifully contoured face Adele is a vision. This is by far one of the most glamorous shots of Adele and I believe this only the beginning of what I call the Adele evolution or revolution if you want to coin it like that. Are you loving the nude pink tone lips? Hot!!

After the break check out Adele holding her babies ie Grammy awards!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Liv Tyler Shows how to get Luscious Locks with Pantene!

When you hear the name Liv Tyler you quickly make the association to her rocker father and American Idol judge Steven Tyler. You can tell she is Steven's child as she has his trademark lips! Well Liv Tyler as one the faces of Pantene lets us in to her Pantene shoot where we can see how the magic gets done. celebrity hair stylist Sam McKnight and makeup extraordinaire Lisa Eldrige shows us they created Liv Tyler's signature Pantene look.

After the break check out behind the scenes of the Pantene shoot!

Nicole Scherzinger Takes over Herbal Essences!

The year has only begun and it seems like it is a Scherzinger take over, from nails to hair, this former Pussy Cat Doll is out to rule the world as as she continues to amass contracts. It takes just one season of X- Factor to rule the world and Nicole Scherzinger is making sure you don't forget her. Look out for her Herbal Essences commercials, I mean she really has great hair so they made a great choice. You go girl!

Emma Watson For Lancome!

Emma Watson as you know is one of the newest faces for Lancome and certainly Lancome made an excellent selection. This picture alone will be sure to sell tons of lipsticks as it makes you want to try them out asap. I really do need to try a red lip color to change things up ( note to self). For Ms Watson her favorite lip colors from the line are Corail in Love, Rose Boudoir and Rose Sulfurese. Red is certainly the hot lip color this season as it can spice up any makeup look. Let me know if you love it.


Kate Moss Proves that she still has it!

It seems like out of nowhere Kate Moss is all over the place, from becoming the face of Mango and now to landing the double cover of W magazine. In this Issue Kate is presented in a sultry gothic look. Some refer to this look as the presentation of a demon, but really what does a demon look like? I love the boldness of her well defined lips and her spikey lashes. This look is juxtaposed to the second cover which depicts Kate in all white,which is a more religious play on Catholicism.

After the break check the second cover.


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