Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Vanity Fair Hollywood Glam!

Old Hollywood Glamour is making a comeback from the soft curls and deep lips and the silky dresses we will have lots of inspiration when it comes to selecting our outfits for Valentines day. This trend of sleek hairstyles, pin curls combined with smokey eyes and blood red lips screams seduction. Vanity Fair Magazine paid homage to this era in their three page spread pictorial. I am loving it!

Here's the full spread.

If you want to get a little old Hollywood in your life check out the behind the scenes of the photo shoot. 

Are you loving the Headband Trend?

Are you loving this fresh headband trend, it seems like a school girl theme is taking over as we have braids and bands all over the place. Will you be wearing it

Do you love the Headband Trend ?

After the break check out how the different ways you can rock the headband trend!

Georgia May Jagger breaking the stereotypical mold of Beauty!

When you hear the name Jagger, the person who comes to mind  Mick Jagger. Georgia May Jagger is the offspring of such a rocker and his supermodel wife Jerry Ryan. I know you might say what is so unusual about Georgia,after all she is rock royalty.Yes she has connections but it is her unique look which is not stereotypical which sets her apart 
 What drew me this Harper's Bazaar pictorial was Georgia's gapped teeth. Normally when someone especially one who wants to model realises that their teeth are a bit spacey, the thing to do is to throw on some braces to bridge the gaps. 
It was a good thing Georgia May skipped that procedure as she would just look like every other Blonde beauty. It is the unusual or unique features that sets us apart. So start embracing what makes you who you are.


Celeb Beauty Christina Millian

The new correspondent for the Voice which is one of my favorite shows, Christina Millian was seen all striped out. I am loving the entire look so chic. For this ensemble Ms. Millian chose a smokey eye and a nude lip which is a classic look that works.

AJ crimson shows you how to get the perfect smokey eye after the break.

The Transformation of Keira Knightley!

Keira Knightley heats up the screen of her new movie A Dangerous Method about a young woman who has an affair with Psychiatrist Carl Jung. Keira is featured in the upcoming issue for GQ magazine where she is anything but demure. Check out Keira's blazing transformation as she heats up the popular men's magazine!

Ms. Knightley strikes a seductive pose for GQ Magazine wearing her smokey eyes and blood red lips to complete the look. Are we loving it? It is apparent that the "IT" look of the season is a red lip which everyone is wearing.

After the break check out more pics..

Gabrielle Union Heats Up Ocean Drive Magazine!

Photography: Steve Erle
Gabrielle Union covers the February issue of Ocean Drive Magazine and she worked it! Loving her smokey right down to to her black jump suit, it is just plain hot! If there is such a word. Ms. Union has indeed upped her style game wearing more makeup, as she was previously a more natural makeup lover. Starring  in Tyler Perry's new movie Mr. Deeds which is slated to be released February 24th Ms. Union is on a roll and we are loving it!

Are you loving this second look? I sure am, Gabrielle is truly coming into her own . Very inspiring !

After the break check Gabrielle Union on the cover of Ocean Drive.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot Or Not! Amber Rose's Face TAT!

Amber Rose was spotted out with her flame Wiz Kalifah sporting a new beauty mark and it is a biggie. Following stars like Mike Tyson who have gotten face tattoos she has opted to get one. Is this the start of a new trend as we have seen crazy fans such as the girl who go the Drake tattoo across her face? Amber is very pretty and mind you it looks hot on her but it will not be a hot look for everyone. It still hasn't been confirmed whether it is real or fake but for sure Amber is a Celeb as this made the news. Are you loving the face Tat? Speak on it!

Do you think this will be a new trend?

Kyle and Kendall Jenner for Teen Vogue!

Kris Jenner is indeed flexing her Mommager skills, as she is making her two youngest girls Kyle and Kendall Jenner a household name. Following after her famous siblings, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, the girls have landed the cover of the Teen Vogue issue for March. I am sure you will need to keep your eyes and ears peeled for a reality show surrounding these young ones as they rise like cream to the top.

After the break check out Kyle and Kendall on the cover of Teen Vogue.

Viola Davis- The SAG Awards!

Best Actress Award - Viola Davis

Viola Davis not only swept the best actress awards she swept the red carpet in her white Marchesa dress with gold bodice. For her makeup Viola unlike the PGA Awards deep an bold look went with gold and earth tones with the focus being on her eyes. loving it! The added touch of vintage curls sealed the classic look to make Ms. Davis one of last night's beauty winnersAre you loving it? Speak on it!

The Sag Awards!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are you loving the "Dip Dye" hair?

Are you loving the dip and dye hair trend that we are seeong celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Whitney Port and Alexa Chung sporting. The lighter colors whether soft or bright always suggest a move towards the warmer months as gone are the deep auburn's that come with winter. The celebs try to be a step ahead to usher in the new trends. Loving this look on Drew Barrymore who had previously been a red head for the winter.

If you want to learn how to do the "Dip and Dye" keep reading..

Are you loving Katy Perry's Blues?

The only thing blue about Katy Perry after her well publicised breakup with her husband Russel brand is her hair color. I guess we all need to take a page out Ms. Perry's book that the sweetest revenge after the end of a relationship is to look better than ever. I would describe Katy Perry as the, the Nicki Minaj of Pop with her ever changing electrifying hair . If you are loving Katy's colorful vibe check out this video which will guide you in how to get that blue in your life


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj Shares Beauty Tidbits with Elle Magazine!

The colorful rapper in every sense of the word Nicki Minaj spills the juice in the latest issue of Elle on what she does to keep her look popping. Nicki Minaj reaveals that while she loves the bold look she has no patience to do her eyes and lashes and so she leaves it to her makeup artist.
The first thing you notice on Niki Minaj  is her lashes which are a trademark. She told Elle     " I used to wear individual lashes but those became so  time consuming so my makeup artist has been experimenting with cutting lash strips and piling them on top of each other".

Nicki's makeup tip:
Instead of applying under eye concealer , she uses a lighter shade of foundation which she also uses to contour her nose.

After the break check out an interview with her makeup artist, plus find out what drugstore brand Nicki Minaj uses to remove her makeup.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Grace Jones Ripped the Runway!

Grace Jones ripped the runway at Etam's Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show. Ms. Jones with her " Naomiesque body" showed the world that she is hotter than ever. I would have loved to see her face  behind the masque to see what a fab sixty something looks like. I am sure you agree, right?


Behind the Scenes of Jennifer Hudson's Book Tour!

Jennifer Hudson Twitpics a picture of herself getting ready for her book tour. It takes a team of makeup, hair and stylist to put the whole ensemble together. So don't think these Celebs just shop the rack by themselves and get it all done by themselves. Every detail from the nails to the underwear is planned and orchestrated to present the right image as it is all on the line. 

This is the finished look are you loving it? I don't know about you but I would rock it... Love!

After the break see what really goes on behind the scenes of a Celeb book Tour. J Hud let's us in!

Avril Lavigne will be at your Fingertips!

Avril Lavigne has gone into the nail business as she partners with Sally Hansen to produce easy to apply nail art which she personally designed. These easy to apply nail arts will sure to be a hit especially with the 12-18 yr demographic. So soon you will have a piece of Ms Lavigne to wear . Check out  the art..

Are you loving the designs? They come in plaid and leopard prints as well.


Trend Alert- The Fringe is in!

Victoria Beckham who is this month's cover girl for Tokyo's Numero Uno Magazine is sporting a new fringe hair cut which is starting to take over. This sleek yet edgy hair is sure to spice up your look if you are in need of a makeover. It also appears that the Fringe trend is trickling down to Victoria's former Spice Girl band mate who was seen sporting a similiar look in Australia.

Are you loving the Fringe.. it's certainly a style to consider. It's growing on me.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much plastic Surgery is too much Joan Rivers?

'E's Talk show host Joan Rivers has done it again, yes she has gone in for another tune up to beautify herself. This begs us to question how much is enough. I think nothing is wrong with enhancing the face but if you start to look freakish that should be a warning sign for you to stop. Joan you need to stop... What say you folks. Speak on it!

This is what Joan Rivers looks like without the makeup.

Does this look like Ms Rivers?

After the break check out her pics when she came out of surgery.

School Girl Braids - Messy Plaits!

This season braids are taking over, they can be messy or polished whatever you fancy but they are "IN". I am especially loving the messy plaits, it is girly and fresh and you can either go frizzy with it or get a more polished version for a night out. Many celebs have been sporting this current trend and are rocking it well. If you have hair that is not so long you can add clip on extensions to give you the effect.

After the break check out this great video on how to get your braid on.. AND see which Celeb is rocking the braids!

Katherine Heigel is a Stunner!

Katherine Heigel blew the world away at the premier of her movie 'One For the Money". In her Scarlett red dress Heigel turned it up  notch with her red lips which emphasized a perfect smile. Unlike most actresses she looks healthy and not emaciated as is the current trend. It's good to see some real people on the carpet.. if you get what I mean.

Thoughts on Givenchy! Speak on it!

Are you loving the new Givenchy images? I say lose the nose ring as it is a bit overdone, as the earrings are already outstanding. Less is more, but necessarily so in the name of fashion. What do you think? Speak on it!

Check out these pictures to see how this picture might have been influenced by these cultures after the break...

Zooey Deschanel is all "Bangs and Eyes" for Allure Magazine!

Zooey Deschannel who describes herself as all "bangs and eyes" to Allure Magazine has a quirkiness that is loved by many. I have to agree with Zooey she is really all bang and especially eyes. Her piercing blue eyes are striking and pops out at you. Take note of her bold lips. I am loving it as lips are really taking over this season.

Check out some more pics of Zooey Deschanel  from her shoot and also what the she looks like on the cover of Allure Magazine.

After the break check out more...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Age Defying Vera Wang!

Vera Wang designer to the Stars revealed to us that she has an age defying body. At 62 Ms. Wang donned her black swimsuit for Harper's Bazaar revealing that she had a better body than most 20 year olds. According to the issue Ms Wang's leg is cellulite free. This begs me to question which would you prefer, an age defying face or do you prefer a youthful body. Speak on it!

source: daily mail

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kate Moss is BACK as a "Mango Girl"!

At 38 years  Kate Moss has become the new face of Mango... imagine snatching this campaign from fresh faced 20 year olds. Have you noticed we are seeing a rise of campaigns going to more seasoned models such as Naomi Campbell as one of the faces of Cavalli 2012. I think Kate Moss is looking her best right now, not so gaunt.. no waif right here.Do you agree?

Check out Kate Moss doing her "thing" behind the scenes of the Mango shoot. Take note of the people behind the scenes who really make IT happen!

Does Kate make you want to have some Mango!

source:daily mail

Do You Love Kelly Osbourne's New look? Speak on it!

Are we really loving Kelly Obsourne's gray haired look? I am not a fan at all, for one why would anyone deliberately add  twenty years to their looks is beyond me. Kelly O.  as I am calling her,(sounds like Jackie O doesn't it) ... is such a pretty girl I think she needs go back to being a blonde which worked better. What do you think? Speak on it and be heard!

Take a peek Kelly O as a  blonde and you decide.. after the break!

UPDATE!! Cameron Diaz's "MAKEUP" come back!

Cameron Diaz redeemed herself and made s colorful "makeup" come back  at Couture Fashion week in Paris. What a difference a little color makes to dissipate the washed out look. 
See what  all the fuss was about Cameron's  pale face.. CLICK ON THIS!

Brow Grooming for Men!

As women we all know how a well groomed brow can make a world of a difference to the face. Brows are the frame of the face, they can either add or detract from your whole look. For men brow maintenance is just as important, as a well groomed brow gives the face a more polished look.Who can really argue with that !

Check out this great video for men on how get those brows in shape.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stars are rocking the Natural look #Twitter Trend!

Normally when you see a picture of a Celeb without makeup most of the times... who am I kidding let's say a 100 perscent of the times it is the paparazzi who sneak up on Celebs at their worst possible moment. From Snooki and now Nicole Scherzinger we are seeing a progressive trend of stars putting it out there.. baring their face stripped of the magic of makeup. Nicole looks really good as she has blemish free skin. Who would really put up a twitpic of themselves with a face full of blemishes for all to see. 

After the break see Nicole's Scherzinger's minimalist makeover from Allure !

Black Swan Takes over the Runway!

getty images
In Brazil with it's annual staging of the Sao Paolo bi annual fashion week, there has been a takeover of The Black Swan. One designer drew upon the movie's imagery for inspiration for the makeup for his clothing. Even thought the makeup has garnered quite a bit of attention it has also helped to bring his work into the spotlight. Good move..

If you are interested in creating your own black moment, you can just take a peek...

source:huffington post

Face to Mention - Shailene Woodley!

Shailene Woodley has certainly grown into a stunner, The Secret Life of a Teenager star has blossomed before our eyes. What captures my attention was her fresh flawless face which is topped off with her cherry red lips. She is a beauty. This look is classic and quite age appropriate for her as it doesn't have too much color going on. This goes to show that keeping it simple can be a good thing.

Check out a past picture of Shailene from the set of The Secret Life of a Teenager to see how different she really looks

Can we all say wow! She really has grown.

Glamour at the Producer's Guild Awards!

The Producer's Guild of America brought out all the A listers and of course Angelina Jolie who as always kept true to her makeup look of a barely there look. It suits Ms. Jolie as she has beautiful features and doesn't need much. Do you agree?

Viola Davis smoked it up in her emerald green shadows and her deep lip which suited her well. Love it!

Fresh off her controversial photo shoot Evan Rachel Wood is a stunner with her shimmery smokey eye and bold lip which worked with her pulled back hair .This look shows how  a strong eye and bold lip should be balanced without the two competing.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara was all about the lashes as she wore the seasons trendy pink toned colors but amped it up a notch with her fluttering lashes. They make a world of a difference, don't you agree?


The Scoop on Kyle Richards Beauty Bargains!

Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills Housewives fame has decided to let us in on the secret of how she goes about getting beauty bargains in her new book. Don't we all love a beauty bargain? On the show Kyle's hair is always looking shiny and healthy and she revealed that her go to shampoo is pantene. Props to that! Kyle shares some of her style advice and makeup must haves for date night in this video.

image courtesy of pinterest

How the Stars Transform with Makeup!


Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy shows that she can indeed turn it up when she wants to.. she has the glam factor. To get ready for her big night at the PGA awardsMelissa was seen coming from her work out session at the gym that HillaryDuff frequents. From this picture I can say that Ms. McCarthy appears to have clear skin which makes for a wonderful makeup result.

After the break find out what Melissa looked like at the PGA Awards.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What it takes to look Like Niki Minaj!


Rapping sensation Niki Minaj has just come out with her new music video surrounded by controversy because of the lyrics. What's new? Niki Minaj debuted the cover art for the single which features bright pink lips and over the top lashes and let's not forget her muti colored hair which is in tune with her larger than life image. Have you ever wondered what it takes to look like ms. Minaj.If you are just a bit curious take a peek at this video which shows you what it takes to get the Niki Minaj look.

After the break take a look at the video.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jennifer Anniston's Favorite Beauty Products!

image courtesy of pinterest
If you are someone who has to have that one  particular product  that you can't live without such as favorite concealer or blush and you replace it when it runs out. Please know that you are not alone.Actress Jennifer Anniston just like the rest of us has her "must have" products.The great thing about it is her products are drugstore brands which are easily accessible.

Her Favorite Lip Liner...


After the break find out which drug store brand Jennifer uses to cleanse her face. 

Miss Piggy is a MAC girl!

Well folks it seems that Ms. Piggy has joined the list of celebs who will have limited edition Mac collections. This online only exclusive edition comes at the heels of Ms. Piggy's return just in time for the release of The Muppets which is set to come out next month. Smart move Mac... you know the youngsters will be eating it up!
The collection includes a Ms. Piggy pink eye shadow a Penultimate liner and in true Miss Piggy style, for lashes to complete the collection.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Take Peek at Katy Perry's Lashes.. A must See!

Katy Perry's lashes are all packaged and almost ready to be delivered... are you getting excited? So far the Starlet has 4 designs which I must admit are very natural looking and I am sure it will do well on the market. The lashes which are labeled "OH Honey"! are for those who are looking for a more vintage feel as it has a flick at the corners to enhance the vibe. The "Cool Kitty" lashes are for a night out , great for that smokey eye.
In addition the "Oh My" are the double lashes for that added fullness while the "Sweetie Pie" is about the person who is aiming for a sweet and demure kind of look. It seems like Ms Perry has a lash in mind for everyone, from the shy and sweet to the bold and sexy.

The price for US retailers have not been announced as yet but in Europe it will be available over 5 pounds.



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