Friday, September 30, 2011

Smooth Finish Tip!

A smooth looking finish to your foundation is very flattering especially when you have completed your total makeup look. There are some tips to bear in mind to achieve this "smooth finish". 
First the basics of skin care in terms of cleansing and exfoliating the skin is important to how the foundation looks when applied. When you exfoliate your skin it removes the dead cells and allow the new skin to breathe which will result in your moisturizer being properly absorbed into the skin, thus a better foundation application.
Secondly we can look at the tools which can help with that smooth finish we all desire. We all know about the brush and the sponge which does its job. Take a look and consider the beauty blender which is all the rage.

Beauty Blender $19

This pink, egg shaped sponge called the beauty blender has taken the makeup world by storm with it's capabilities of ensuring a flawless finish.

Find out how to use the beauty blender after the break.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inner Corner Highlights!

Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes will give the added umph! you desire to make your eyes pop. Simply select a shimmery shadow of any color to make your eyes stand out. You will notice the use of mostly gold and silvers in pictures to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. However you can play around with color such as  shimmery purples, greens and blues once it has light reflecting properties in them.
Here is a great video on how to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

Looks to try - Bright Shadows

Even though we said good bye to Summer, we didn't say good bye to bright shadows according to Cosmopolitan bright shadows are a hot fall trend that we should want to be rocking right now. The seasons are really flowing nicely and this makes transitions quite easy as spring approaches with all the colors it has to offer. So keep those bright colors out and start rocking them.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Brush Bargain!

A great makeup brush that does it's job is something we all love, but did you know you can  consider for going the traditional route of purchasing your brushes at the cosmetic counter. Instead you can take a trip to your local art and craft store and get high quality brushes at reasonable prices. Some of my best brush hauls have been around sales where they place certain brands on sale and you get more for your bucks. So check the ads and take a trip, you can choose among their wide variety of brushes from goat hair to sable. Happy Shopping!
Image Courtesy of pinterest

Creating Dimension

It is important to know how to accentuate the face by creating dimension instead of using just one foundation which will create one flat surface. In order to create dimension and draw the focus toward the center of the face you can use a darker shade of foundation around the hairline, along the jaw, leaving the center of the face for a lighter shade of foundation . This will draw the focus towards the face.

check out this great tutorial which will give you ideas on how you can create dimension to your Fab face!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Olive Oil a Natural Makeup Remover

A great natural and healthy ingredient that can be used to remove your makeup is olive oil. All you have to do is raid your kitchen cupboard get out your olive oil and start out by adding a few drops to your cotton ball and start to wipe your makeup off. If your like me and want to take the plunge just pour a tablespoon into your palms and start to apply it to your face and then remove with a warm towel or even a baby wipe. You will find that oils work better then liquid cleansers as it is able to break down the oils in your makeup better than water based products.

The Right Foundation Coverage.

I recently had a discussion with a friend about selecting the right foundation for her skin. I believe if you find the right foundation that matches your skin tone stick with it. However once you find the right shade you need to think about how much coverage you need to get that flawless finish. 
Take a quick look at your face and see if your blemishes and minor imperfections are being covered. If you are using a liquid foundation and you realize you have to layer and layer to try and get that flawless look, you might want to consider switching to a cream formula which will allow you to cover spots that need it while using less product. The key is not to have a mask like appearance, let your skin show through.

The Scoop on Jennifer Hudson's Beauty!

Sam Fine, gives the scoop behind the Oscar winner's beauty looks

Coverage: Every great look begins great coverage. Jennifer has beautiful skin, but like many women of color, she has varied tones. I use foundation to unify those varying tones. One of my favorites is the Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation because it’s cream- to- powder, so it dries down to a powdery finish and looks really natural.

Bronzer: Bronzer is always a must for all women to illuminate their complexion. It’s important to choose a bronzer that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone and apply it to the outer perimeter of your face to warm the skin and create a halo of glow. After applying bronzer, you can go back and layer over blush to give the skin a pop of color.

LipsThe key to a nude lip is to begin by lining the lips with liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Don’t worry about matching the liner to your lipstick – if you match it to your lips, it will look great with any shade of lipstick. After lining the lips, feather the liner towards the center of the mouth to great a base for the lipstick. Next, apply your lipstick.

Source: Talking

Contouring For Men!

 Have you ever noticed those billboards with men with extremely defined features? If you weren't paying attention just take a look at the Calvin Klein ads or browse through GQ magazines. Even though these men do have a strong facial structure, makeup is used to enhance their bone structure . If you are ever on a photo shoot and need to create definition on the model, check out this great video which will be helpful for aspiring artists or for men who want to create a stronger look!

Check out male contouring after the break!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Minimalist!

The minimalist makeup look is one of the trademark looks of the season. This approach highlights your skin so the better shape your skin is in, the less makeup you’ll need to make it look great. Here are some suggestions for you to get your minimalist look on the right track.
  • Spot conceal those areas that need extra attention: redness around the nose, dark circles under the eyes or the occasional blemish. Make sure you choose the right formula based on what you’d like to cover up:
  • Redness, blemishes and acne scarsChoose a thicker, more solid formula. The color should match your skin tone; shades with yellow undertones will counter-balance redness

 How to Make your eyes pop
Tools: Eyelash curler, mascara

  • Gently clamp the eyelash curler around the base of your lashes. Carefully clamp and unclamp, moving up to the tips of your lashes.
  • Swipe one or two coats of mascara on your upper lashes
Groom unruly brows
Tools: Eyebrow tweezers, brow powder or mousse
Keeping brows sleek and groomed is essential for a polished look 

Now that your face is flawless and glowing, and your eyes are framed with gorgeous lashes, pull your minimal look together with polished lips.

natural: Use tinted balms that moisturizes with just a touch of color. 

Youthful and pretty: Glosses add a touch of color and shine, creating an understated, but luscious pout

Sophisticated: A bold lip color, like red or fuchsia, is low-maintenance and looks finished, when applied as a stain
Image Courtesy of pinterest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smokey Innovation!

This season the smokey eye is back with a vengeance diverting away from the classic look to more innovative looks incorporating color. It is back only better, reinvented and redefined in a stylish and creative way. The bi-color version which incorporates a variety of colors ranging from  sweet shades of pinks and browns to severe hues of purples or yummy chocolates. Let's not forget the hot metallics such as golds, silver for a luminous look.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Orange explosion!

Orange is not just for the lips. This season it comes in a daring version for the eyes too. On a doll porcelain skin, a stunning orange makeup for the eyes can represent the detail that brings the attention to your look adding a luminous and electric touch. It is a great choice for a special evening event.

check out this dramatic orange eye shadow look on the break.

Autumn's earthy colors!

This fall we can endeavor to embrace the earthy colors of the season. If you are looking for inspiration just take in your environment.As the leaves begin to fall off the trees note the different tonalities of the leaves the brown yellowy tones with a hint of orange and that will inspire your shade selections when it comes to your makeup.

Take your pick from the brown, orange, reds or even greens and you are well on your way to being with the season's trend. Nature is such great inspiration, so when the leaves start to fall check out the colors.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Brow Rebellion!

This Fall we can all say that "brows rule the world", they won the rebellion as they are bigger and more unrulier than ever.This season, keep your brows as natural as possible when it comes to their shape or color. a creamy eyebrow pencil will add to the healthy natural glow. After using the pencil style them upwards and then use an eyebrow gel.

after the break check out how to get your brow rebellion on!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jaw Reduction!

The jaw line is an important area where contouring can make a world of a difference. If you have a double chin or jowls or just want to have a more defined angular look to your face, contouring is your secret weapon.
You can either use powders or foundation, that are a shade or two darker than your skin tone to create an illusion of depth. 
  • If you are using powder, albeit dark shadows that are matte, bronzers- no shimmer please. Start out by sweeping the powder under your jawline, from the base of the chin to your neck, shading it in carrying the contour under the ears so it flows naturally.
  • If you decide on foundation, the same rules apply just blend properly and set with powder.
Here is a jaw reducing video that will give you a jump start right after the break.

Fresh Face of the Day - Loving it!

I am loving this fresh faced look, I guess because it is an Au natural look. Even though the model is wearing makeup she appears only to be enhanced by wearing earth tone colors that work with the warm tones in her skin. 
This just and example of what warm earth tone palette looks like. Earth tones can be blues , reds etc. However for the model she used warm tones that work with the undertones in her skin for a more natural look.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Modernizing Classics

 Incorporating different elements of a vintage look can breathe fresh air into your makeup.You can't beat the timeless quality of the classics. It's best to look around and see what might be best for you, it might be the "pin up" girl look or the "Twiggy", just experiment! Here are a few tips to get you on your way to modernizing the classic looks you love.
  1. Go all out with eyebrows and lashes. Vintage style really focuses on a dramatic eye that is also subtle.
  2. Make sure your eyebrows are perfectly shaped. 
  3. Then you can either pile on the mascara or fake eye lashes. This creates the look of a natural beauty that has a little bit of flair. Line your eyelids for a cat eye effect depending on how dramatic you want to go.
  4. Break out the red lipstick,this is a staple in any pinup girl's wardrobe. Experiment with deep reds or maroons to see which suits you.
Just remember the key to vintage looks is perfection, just take your time and you will be on your way to modernizing your favorite classic look.

After the break take a peek at this flashback 1940's fashion tutorial - How they did it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tricks of the Trade - Gucci Westman

Photo :
Gucci Westman is the amazing artist who is the creative director behind Revlon's illustrious brand and she reveals what she she can't live without.

Which make-up tools can’t you live without?
GucciMy sponges  -  they are amazingly soft

What’s the best way to apply foundation to get a smooth, even coverage?
Using a brush, start from under the eyes working out and up. Then apply highlighter to cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow, pat it in with your fingers, and smooth out with a brush. 
How can you get a lovely, healthy glow using bronzer without looking unnatural? 
Gucci:  For mature skin, the more cream textures you can use, the better. Avoid powders as much as possible. It's easy to get a natural look with blusher  -  it's all in the blending. 

Can you define your mouth and get long-lasting colour that doesn't look too fake?
GUCCI: Apply lip colour using your fingers, pat it on and clean up the edges with a small concealer brush.
Check out Gucci Westman's video on the perfect lip.

Pro Trick for Thicker Lashes

Most if not all of us love to try out the next best thing especially when it comes to getting more luxurious lashes, thicker the better right? Yes! I came across this great trick that maybe you would like to try out. We can never have enough tricks up our sleeves when it comes to beauty.

This trick helps to boost the thickness of your lashes:

Before you apply mascara, dust some regular loose face powder over your lashes. Make sure to coat both sides (they shouldn’t be clumpy, but definitely powdered-looking). Then, sweep on your usual mascara. Your lashes should look thicker and fuller… no fancy-pants new mascara required.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Red Carpet Trends _ The Emmys!

This is just a few of the looks I am loving right now from The Emmy's and the winners are....

Kerry Washington took the bull by the horn and shows us how to rock that red lip. Loves it!

I am just in love with Naya Rivers smokey look, it is not over done as it is complimented by flawless skin.

Randee Heller shows us that we can rock a bold look at every stage. Very classy!

more "winners" after the break.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dry Skin Tips!

As the days get cooler we have to take certain steps to ensure that our skin will remain hydrated and well protected. Here are a few tips you can bear in mind to keep your skin in great shape.

      Keep water lukewarm 
  • Using hot water especially in the cooler months can dry out your skin as it robs the skin of moisture. A better option is to shower with lukewarm water. Be wary of hot tubs as the chemicals in addition to the heat can dry out the skin.
  • The same applies to when washing your hands, if your skin turns res the water is simply too hot.
  Moisturize after showering
  • The best time to moisturize your skin is right after your shower, your pores are open and the product will be absorbed easily into the skin.
  Exfoliate weekly
  • Moisturizer is more effective on exfoliated skin as the dead skin cells have been removed, it allows the moisturizer to be more effective.
 Skip drying soaps
  • Soaps can be drying instead you can use creamy cleansers that contain glycerin or petrolatum.
Hope these tips will be helpful as it gets cooler, remember to drink your water to keep your hydration levels up.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Tricks of the Trade!

To keep your eyes from going too dark, use metallic shadows as a highlighter, by dabbing it in the inner corners of the eyes by using a fine brush. (FYI a  clean lip brush can be used).

Tricks of the Trade:
There’s is a fine line between smoky and raccoon. One way to avoid the latter look is to apply foundation after your eye makeup. It cleans up the look and touches up makeup mishaps.

The secret to bold natural brows is filling them in and not drawing them on.

Tricks of the Trade:
Use concealer on the skin above and below the eyebrow (don’t put it on the actual brow). This allows the brows to pop forward.

Lips: Tricks of the Trade
Apply the liner with a lipstick brush first, and then fill in the lip area. After applying the lipstick, I go back and make sure I have a clean crisp line with foundation or concealer.This helps to prevent it from running into fine lines.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Anna Sui to Jeremy Scott 2012

Anna Sui
Bold lip/ Blush jaw to Temples
 The Look

Jeremy Scott
Edgy Liner/ Pop of Blush

More Blush Popping/ Nude Lip

Photo Credit:

10 Step Beauty - Bobbi Brown !

Check out Bobbi Brown's helpful 10 step beauty tutorial, loving it!

Color Theory - Narciso Rodriguez 2012




High Shine Lids!

On the runways we are seeing more high shine lids on the fresh faced looks. Dick Page Creative director for Shiseido spoke about how to achieve the effect.

"The problem with the gloss on the eyes sometimes, is if you use something that's really greasy-greasy, that's really horrible. Use something that's glycerin or silicone based, that has a little sheen to it. Or use a shiny shadow that's super finely milled, the same color as your skin tone and then just pinch it between your fingers with a little gloss, and just rub that in. It's much more stable." Dick Page

So break out your lip gloss and kiss those lids!

Check out this refresher video on getting high shine lids after the break.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring Lips 2012!!

Nanette Lepore


Nude Pouts101!

Fall 2011's nude, no makeup look is one of the hottest trends alongside the bold lip. It is important to know what nude lip color to select when wearing a nude lip color. Here are some tips for your nude pout!

The Right Nude for you!

  •  For fair or pale skin: With lighter skin tones, avoid beige lipsticks, which will just wash you out. Instead, look to pink, peach, or pale apricot as your base shade. Tip: apply a lip liner in a color one shade darker than your natural tone to give your nude tone a brightened effect.
  • For the golden girls: If you've got lots of golden undertones in your skin, go for creamy, caramel-toned nudes and warm beiges. Avoid anything too cool, like grays or silver-toned shades.
  • For olive tones: If you've got olive skin, you're a lucky gal. Just about any nude shade will look great on you from beige to bronze to pinks.
  • For skin with yellow undertones: Think light, creamy-toned beiges like latte or mocha.
  • For dark-toned skin: Go for chocolate tones such as rich golden browns and coffees

Prepping Your Lip!

  • make sure that your lips are well conditioned before you apply any type of color to them. 
  • exfoliate at night before bed to remove all of the dead skin cells that are on the surface. 
The Application:
  • To apply your lipstick, begin with a layer of foundation over the surface of your lips
  • Apply your nude lipstick shade, and add a hint of gloss across the center of the lower lip to give your mouth a sexy pout. 

Image Courtesy pinterest

Melt it - Lips!

Using your lipstick from a tube sometimes can be a bit troublesome especially if you are in a rush and you are scouring around trying to find that particular lip color that you want to wear. So for those hectic moments why not think about melting or depotting your favorite lip colors into a palette where you can find them easily as they will all be in one location and transportable you need to slip them in your hand bag.

after the break this video will give you some ideas as to how to get your lip colors palette ready!

The Trendsetter- Janelle Monet

Janelle Monet
Janelle Monet's style is different from most artist, she has a signature look that reflects who she is as an artist. Monet's unique presentation of classic tuxedo's and pompadour hair would label her as an artist who is not the norm. She in her own right is a trendsetter who is ahead of the curve dictating what the mainstream sees as cool right down to her flawlessly applied makeup.
If you are a trendsetter or want to be take a look at your own personal style and take time to develop it making it your own.

Here's a great video on being a trendsetter which might give you some umph! in your stride.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yeast Mask for Oily Skin!

Isn't it comforting to know that we can just take a peek in our cupboards and use the ingredients we have available to make a really effective mask. Today we are looking at this fabulous yeast mask for those of you who have oily skin or experience an increase in oil production with the cooler months. Remember even though the weather gets cooler we have to focus on moisturizing our skin as the drier our skin becomes it will start to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness, thus resulting in unwanted oily skin. This recipe is quite simple here goes...

Yeast Mask recipe:

  • 1 tbsp active yeast
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 1/2 tbsp yogurt
Mix the ingredients to get a muddy paste, if the mask gets too thick keep adding lemon or yogurt.
Apply the mask on your face leaving it until it dries out.Then in a circular motion, scrub to remove the mask from your face. You can do this mask every 2 days if you have excessively oily skin.

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Beauty Rundown Spring 2012

Badgley Mischka
Big hair/Winged Liner

Diesel Black and Gold
Neutral toned palette

Herve Leger by Max Azria
Flawless Face

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Blushing Cheeks/ Lip stains

Stay tuned for more highlights.....

Flawless Express!

This season, it is my mission to help you get your techniques down so you are ready for anything Fall has to offer. The flawless face is a hot look for Fall and to be ready we need to know the basics of makeup application to be ready. So break out your primer, foundation and concealer and watch this Sephora video which covers the basics of a flawless face. Loves it.

check out the video after the break!

Teenage Beauty - Bobbi Brown !

For Teens, beauty is extremely important, it is a time when experimenting with makeup is at an all time high, to see what one likes and dislikes. Makeup Guru Bobbi Brown shares her experience growing up as she recalls her own style transformation: "I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my look," she says. "I went from parting my waist-length hair down the middle and wearing chunky jewelry to dressing the part as an eighties Madonna wannabe."

Bobbi Brown shares 3 techniques for Teens:

Bright Lip
"There's nothing easier than a sheer lip color to make you look pretty," Bobbi says. Try starting with a clear gloss or balm, which is a subtle way to highlight the lips. "For girls, matte lips aren't necessary -- I'm more a fan of sheer pinks and berry stains."

Bright Eye
Bobbi encourages girls to be bold in their eye makeup choices. Eyeliner is especially effective to really make eyes stand out.
"Eyeliner defines their shape so eyes appear larger and more vibrant," she says.

Smoky Eye
"Teens want to achieve the smoky-eye look they see on models and on celebrities," Bobbi says.

Check out this great video after the break, if your a Teen you are sure to love it!

Easy eye lining !

Stay in the Lines
When applying your eyeliner, try to keep the brush as close to the lash line as possible. For a flawless look, use a regular black eye pencil along the upper waterline. This will create a dark, heavy appearance that goes great with a dramatic cat eye. Avoiding any space between your liner and your lashes will take this look from amateur to just-left-the-runway.

Get the Perfect Shape
When shaping your cat eye, take notes from Angelina Jolie, the queen of cat eyes. Your liner should be barely visible near the inner corners of the eyes and significantly thicker near the outer corners. This will elongate the eyes and create a dramatic effect.

Don’t Forget the Bottom
For daytime, lining just the upper lid is best. However, for a night on the town, line the outer third of your lower lash line and merge it with the wing. Again, try to stay close to the lashes and fill in any empty spaces.

Check out this great Eye liner 101 video, very helpful!


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