Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sun Goddess Protection

Getting our daily dose of the sun is great for our health, as we get our vitamin d naturally just by being in the sunlight. Maybe you're just like me, but my mood certainly is lifted and revived by the fresh air and the sunlight. Keeping these positives in mind let's look at some basic sun protection tips to protect our beautiful skin from damage.

Tip 1 -  Wear a hat with a wide brim to shade your neck, face and ears from the sun.
Tip 2 -  Seek shade especially at the midday hours, that is where the sun is at it's peak.
Tip 3 -  Wear clothing that protect exposed skin.
Tip 4 -  Wear sunscreen , applying not only to the face but on exposed body parts.
Tip 5 - Wear sunglasses that wrap around. Select glasses that have UVA and UVB.

Celebs know a thing or too about sun protection, they wear their hats to guard against the sun.
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Backstage Pass!

Behind the Scenes of New Zealand Fashion Week 2011

Look of the Show "BOLD LIPS"

Liner Application

Lips Check!

Hair check!

The Grande Finale after the break

Skin Glam!

Power facialist Kate Somerville  gives us some tips for glowing skin to have that red carpet radiance. Here's what she suggests

1.Plan ahead - start a regimen 3 months in advance if you know you have a special event coming up, otherwise 1 month is fine. Use an antioxidant with peptides to boost collagen nightly and be sure to exfoliate twice a week.

2. Try on a yogurt mask 
You can apply 3 teaspoons of Greek yogurt around your face and let it work for five minutes before rinsing. Somerville says "the lactose in the yogurt leaves the skin polished and smooth". Try this a few days before a big night out, plus it is really inexpensive.

3. Paste, no poking
Sometimes we face last minute eruptions. Somerville suggests massaging the blemish (or your whole face if you have oily skin) with a paste of brewer's yeast and water. Let it dry for 10 minutes. "It contains vitamin B and chromium, which speed healing."

Image Courtesy of pinterest
Source: Instyle Magazine March 2011 pg334

Lash Romance!

Lashes can transform a plain look into a bombshell. It's something that can't be explained the way how it can just enhance a person's look. Lash Guru Ja'Maal Buster recently gave his tips to Instyle Magazine about lashes.

  1. Find the right fit - Buster says you are to "choose a type that works with your personality".

For a sublte look , you can apply a few individual lashes but for a more glam option you can add a strip.

2.Do a dry Run
Just like curling your lashes or applying liquid liner,putting on false lashes will get easier with practice.

3.Clip the Strip
Buster suggests figuring out the right length of the fake lash by measuring it against your own natural lash line. Place it on top and measure then trim the excess with an eyebrow scissors.

See more of the Lash Guru's tips after the break

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Are you currently trying out new products to see if they are effective. Sharada Baker Beauty wants to hear from you. Become apart of our undercover team as we seek to give the real scoop as to what products really work and what doesn't.

Please email your reviews to Your review will be featured on the blog. Credits applied.

Looking forward to hearing from my beauty detectives.

Creative lines

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Are you in the mood to get creative with your eyeliner? Here are some inspirational ideas you can try. I see a trend that is pushing for a more creative approach when lining the eye. Check out these looks you can experiment with and the tutorial that will get your creative juices flowing. Let's get to lining !

Fab Finish!

I have been a fan of Iman's pressed powders, they never fail to deliver the fabulous finish to our makeup application that we all seek. I currently use the pressed powder Clay Medium and I love it! Normally you would want to apply your translucent powder after your foundation but if you feel to change it up a bit these powders certainly will do the trick. Be mindful the Iman collection of pressed powders are not translucent they contain color so finding the right one that matches your skin tone is important. They also work well if you are going without foundation and just want to wear a touch of powder.
The pressed powders range from Sand light to Earth so it covers the needs of the lightest to the darkest of skin tones. FYI they are pretty budget friendly.

Iman Finishing Powder

Trends Australia's Fashion Week Review!

Australia's fashion week held in Sydney August 25th as a part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week signals the continuing trend of the bold lip. The Orange lip color dominated the runway as models of different ethnicities rocked the bold color. So don't pack away your bright colors as they will be around for some time.

In addition to the bold lip we see the flawless face that has minimal color, just a warm blush or bronzer, with neutral tone eyes and mascara to make your peepers pop!


School Supplies with a Twist!

Picture this, I was walking through my local superstore and randomly I decided to check out the school supplies section just to see if there were any creative tools that could be used for our  beauty tools. All it takes is an open mind,that is willing to be creative.

 Envision this cute pink pencil holder holding your fabulous array of brushes. If you are not a pink kind of girl, they come in blue or green at your local Super Walmart store.
 These babies are great for storing your eyeliner, shadows, cotton, sponges and all your little items you need to get ready. Also would be a great place to keep your lashes.

More suggestions after the break.

Vintage Inspired Looks!

It's hard to deny that vintage is back in a big way, from the runways to the celebrity red carpets we are seeing a come back. I thought you might be interested in how to achieve your own vintage inspired look. British singer Adele who is kown for her melodic voice sports her own signature look which is vintage inspired.

Adele sports her 60's hair, with wing tipped liner, her own vintage look at the MTV VMA's Sunday night.

After the break see how to do your own vintage inspired makeup.

Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV Music Video Awards makeup Looks!

The prevailing trend at last night's MTV Music Video Awards held last night spoke voulmes as to what was ruling in the world of makeup. Check out the smokey eyes that rocked the Black carpet Sunday night!

Top Trend - Flawless Face W Smokey eyes.

Jo Jo

Selena Gomez

Britney Spears

See more of MTV's "Black" carpet looks after the break.

Natural Teeth Whiteners

Nothing screams freshness and beauty than having healthy white teeth. There are many products on the market that claim to help whiten and brighten. You know me, I am always looking to the in your kitchen methods that can work just as well without all the chemicals. Take a look at what I discovered that works.


Have a daily snack of strawberries, these saliva producing foods help to remove bacteria from the mouth and whiten teeth according to cosmetic dentists. If you are not into strawberries you have other choices such as apples, pears celery and carrots.

Kaolin Clay

Study suggest that Kaolin clay delivers a gentle abrasive action to teeth and can be used as a teeth whitener (who would have thought). To freshen your breath, just add a drop of your peppermint essential oil to the mix. To avoid damage to the tooth enamel this is to be once a week.
After the break more natural whiteners.

Natural makeup for Tweens!

If you are a nature lover,"geo Girl" cosmetics might just be for you. I came across this new line of naturally made makeup targeted to Tweens.There has been some debate about makeup being marketed towards 8- 12 year olds due to the appropriateness of what it suggests. You be the judge, let me know what you think if introducing makeup to children 8 and up is ok in your books.

Beauty Flashback!!!

Today's "Beauty Flashback" is Cindy Crawford, take note of the young Cindy who was rocking that 70's feel with long lashes and poofy hair. We see a comeback of this look even on the runway.The past meets present. be inspired today that your past looks will eventually be future trends. 
Have a great week my fresh faced beauties!

Image Courtesy of  pinterest

Foundations For Fresh Faced Beauties

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Finding the right foundation for your skin is one of the most important key to having flawless makeup. From my experience finding foundation that fits can be very hit and miss but when you do find the one that matches it feels like you've won a prize. Having worked on various skin tones I have a list of foundations I can personally recommend for women of color which might help in future foundation choices.

#1 Top Pick

Black Opal foundations from my experience are the most versatile product I have come across for women of color. It's number one in my book because, one shade fits a variety of skin tones with minimal blending in of other colors,  which has been the major drawbacks of other products. Black Opal comes in liquid, cream and powder consistencies.

Recommended product: Try out their Oil Blocking Powder, I can attest to the fact that it works wonders in blocking out oil and reducing sweat. Loves it!

#2 Top Pick -
 Mary Kay Foundations

Mary Kay cosmetics have been around for a long time and they seem to have come up with colors that are working. I had the pleasure of using it on my friend as she was getting ready to go out. The color blended flawlessly into her skin and was a great match, where normally I would have to be blending 2 or more colors in to match her skin tone.

#3 Pick

 Maybelline - Fit Me Collection

This product was really a surprise, while working on set I tried out the talent's personal foundation just to see what other products could do. Normally I tend to stick to my products to be on the safe side. Well I was glad that I tried it out as her Maybelline really "Fit" her. It was a beautiful color that worked well with her skin tone.
I ventured onto Maybelline's and tried to match up my  color which came back that I was a 301. So I will be trying it out to let you know if it was a Fit.

These recommendations are based off my experience using the products on clients. if you have had success with other products let me know. I also highly recommend Ben Nye foundations as they are beautiful but the only drawback is that it has to be blended to catch the skin color.

Image of Courtesy of pinterest

Beauty Project!

I decided for my weekend project that I was going to transform one of my favorite powder blushes into a cream based blush. Check out how I turned my Sunlit Copper blush into cream.

Iman Sunlit Copper powder blush ( broken up)

Oil of Olay Moisturizer ( The agent of Change)

 I started with a small amount of moisturizer.

 Mix until you like the consistiency. Creamy, not runny.

My new cream blush pored into my Japonesque Palette
It was easy, so plan your beauty projects, it's a great way to experiment.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BMI Awards Hot Makeup Looks!

Check out these Fab looks from off the red carpet of the BMI annual awards!

Christina Milian - Hot Summer Colors

more red carpet makeup after the break.

Color Me Beautiful!

 Finding the right makeup can be a trial and error process, this is how we learn what works and what doesn't for us. If you don't take a chance and try a product out you will never know if it works for you or how you feel about yourself when you wear it. A great green shadow might look good against your skin but you are simply not feeling that the color reflects your personality.
Women of color face challenges in selecting colors that suit their skin tone, as there is just so much to choose from.
 I recommend that you  select colors that are intense and deep. For example choose deep blues, rich plums, purples, greens. Colors that are rich and have great pigment which equals to great staying power. Take a trip to the makeup counter and apply swatches of color to your hand checking to see if the color shows up strongly against your skin.
If it looks muddy, take a pass as it is a sign of poor quality.

Check out these informative swatches after the break.

Shimmer Tips!

If you are a fan of shimmer shadows and you just can't get enough, this one's for you!
Here are some tips for you shimmer lovers so you know you are doing it right.

Tip 1
Yes, you can wear shimmer day and night as the type of shimmer formulations present in shadows are not over bearing  as they are finely grounded so as not to make you look like a disco queen. If you desire you can also show off shimmer on your eyes and adding some to your lip gloss.

Tip 2
If you are going out in the night, be careful not to let your clothes clash with your makeup. If your outfit sparkles or you have sparkly jewellery , remember to keep the shimmer on one spot on your face whether it be on your cheek or on your lips. Don't do both!

Tip 3
The best spots to apply shimmer are,the inner corners of the eyes blended across the lids. It is also great on the cheeks and under the brow bone.
Avoid: applying shimmer under your eyes as it can accentuate wrinkles. also in your eye lid crease which can exaggerate lines.

Keep these tips in mind when applying your shimmers!
Image Courtesy of pinterest

Lipstick Revelations!

Image Courtesy of pinterest

There is a school of thought that suggests that the shape of our lipstick after a period of use usually reflects our personality. Some of us tend to have lipsticks that end up having either a flat top of slanted tip, based off how we apply our lipsticks. Take a quick inspection of your lipsticks and check out the shape then see what this chart says about your personality.
Let me know if your lipstick reflects the real you! 

Check out the Lipstick Personality Chart after the break.

It's Everywhere!

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Getting Cheeky!

Image Courtesy of pinterest

Sometimes we can get quite overwhelmed with the different types of brushes for the face. Simply because are many different shapes and sizes of brushes for just one area of the face. From the stipple to the fluffy brush we all desire to have the knowledge about what each brush is meant to do and the look we can achieve from it. 
Blush application is quite simple but when we have so many brushes to choose from it can get a bit confusing. Let's take a peek at the different brushes for the cheek so we know what will work best for us.

To see the different blush brushes keep reading

Friday, August 26, 2011

Have A Fruit Mask!

It's the start of a the weekend and what a great way to release the week by having a fruit mask.
This DIY mask is just the thing you need to wake up with glowing skin. Here's all you need.

 2  large strawberries (YUM)
 2 tablespoons of papaya (you can eat the rest)
 1 egg white
1/2 cucumber

Puree ingredients in a blender. Easy isn't it?
Apply to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse and moisturize.

Have a fruity weekend!

Whoop Ash for Dry Skin!!

If you suffer from dry skin and have tried numerous products to no avail why not check out Whoop Ash! Say what!!! Yes I said it. Whoop Ash  body butter is said to contain white honey, mango and Shea (certified organic) butter body cream, provides intense moisture for dry skin.
So if you have dry skin pick try some Whoop Ash. let me know if it works for you.

Drugstore" Whites" We love!

It's true when they say that using white liner helps to make your eyes look brighter. I know that it might feel like it owuld be too much. Take heart instead there are options such as using a nude liner that you can match close to the water line of your eyes. From my experience not all white liners make the cut, as some are either not white enough or they don't last. Here's a rundown some of my drug store favorites that I can vouch for.

To find out my drugstore favorites keep reading.

Natural Lippies!

For every cosmetic bag,I can bet that we can find at least one lip gloss present. Glosses are a favorite as it can  instantly freshen up your face and put a smile on your chapped lips.
I am a big fan of DIY, it is fun to discover new ways to customize the things we love.

Here is a great Essential oil lip gloss recipe you just might love.

Essential oil Lip Gloss Recipe:

  • 0.25 cups vegetable/nut oil
  • 0.25 oz beeswax
  • 1tsp honey/glycerin
  • 0.5-1tsp of essential oil of your choice
Find out directions after the break..

Makeup Tips from Eve Pearl!

Eve Pearl demonstrates makeup on Darker Skin.

Primping your Station!

It's always a great idea to primp our makeup area, no matter how small it is, because it is yours and it represents who you are. You don't have to go all crazy doing this, just think about the things that put a smile on your face. It could be flowers, your favorite scent or a picture of your favorite someone. Atmosphere is key. Let's look at a few ideas just to get our creative juices flowing when we get ready to primp our station.


Colorful flowers are a fresh touch, tell me who doesn't love flowers. You can either do real or go to your craft store and fake it!


Your favorite scent is another great way to lighten your mood as you start to get your makeup on. I love these scented oils and they look great. Some even come in there own customized vases for a unique touch.

More primping ideas after the jump!


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