Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mixing Mediums !

There are tons of mixing medium products on the market which help to intensify eye makeup application. Let's take our eyes off the cosmetic shelves for a moment and check our cupboards for tips on how to create our own cost effective solutions.


 Add 1 part glycerin to 2 parts water, make small amounts as it should be used for 2 weeks as it does not contain preservatives.

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Eyeshadow Blending Con'td

Part 2

Matte Vs Shimmery

matte brown

There is certainly a difference between matte and shimmery eye shadows. The matte eyeshadow in the picture shown above contains no shimmer. It is in the neutral tone family. matte colors are perfect for daytime, that is not to say that you can't add a touch of shimmer if you so desire to spice things up.
Another great tip for aspiring artists is to ensure that you have a palette of matte colors handy especially when shooting commercials or film projects. Matte shadows read the best on High definition (HD). They are also used predominantly in weddings.

For shimmery shadows read on.

Eyeshadow Blending

Protecting Your Skin

The best time to apply sunscreen is 30 minutes before you go out and face the sun. By doing this you allow your skin to absorb the product . If you decide to take a swim remember you have to reapply the sunscreen. It has to be reapplied  continuously throughout the day. a SPF 30 sunscreen is only protecting you for 30 minutes of sun exposure.

Find out what to look for in a  sunscreen...

Applying Lashes to Asian eyes!

Choose a pair of false lashes that are medium in length.

Due to the shape of the eye it is highly likely you might have to trim the lashes and if you need a little help you can invest in a eye lash clip which you can place your lash on and trim them down  to look a little more natural. You can use a pair of small scissors to trim

Eye lash clip

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day time Tips for Eyes!

I think for day time one should try to go for a fresh makeup look, nothing too dramatic. For day you can use a more neutral toned palette. If you are warm toned earth tones would look great on you and if you are cool tones pinks and those in the cooler family will do the trick. The key is keeping it light. Don't forget to put on a pop of blush that looks natural.

For the steps read on..

Lip Therapy!

Taking care of our lips is important especially if we want to wear our favorite nude lip shades, that sometimes are not so creamy in texture. We often times exfoliate or skin and neglect to do our lips and as a result we have flaky lips. You can use your regular scrub for your face or make your own with a little sugar and honey and gently scrub your lips for a more polished look.

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The secret to a great looking makeup !

The real secret to getting that beautiful look when you apply your makeup is clear skin. Having a good skin care regimen is a must as we go through many seasonal and hormonal changes. It is important to inspect your skin as sometimes you have to make adjustment to your routine due to the weather. If you are in a cooler climate and you notice that your skin has become tighter you will have to adjust your cleanser for a more creamy solution as well as moisturizer. During the summer we need less moisture due to the heat. There is no one size fits all when it comes to skin care.

Foundation Do's and Don'ts

Please Do..Test  Foundation on...

Testing on your jaw to see if a foundation matches your skin is the most accurate way to know if the color suits you. Another handy tip if you know you are going foundation shopping is to walk with a mirror so you can first check the makeup in natural light before making a purchase. The lighting in department stores can be very deceptive, everything always looks good. Some foundations also change color as soon as it makes contact due to the pH balance composition within your skin. So if if you feel like,shop around and wait awhile and then check the foundation in natural light to see if you have the perfect match.

To see the Don'ts..

Layering Your Mascara !

Summer is here and even though we have to deal with rising temperatures remember we are still faced with the occasional unexpected torrential downpour. This brings up the important issue of waterproofing our makeup, especially our lashes. I highly recommend wearing waterproof mascara, this is a backup incase of unexpected weather.

Happy Wednesdays!

On this shoot I decided to use earth tones and I gave the model a smokey eye using a brown toned palette. I contoured her cheeks to accentuate her bone structure. I placed emphasis on her brows and I added a shimmery color at the corner of her eyes to give it more pop. That day I recalled was a pretty windy and so I decided on a pony tail, this helped to show off the beautiful lines of her shoulders.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Dry Skin !

If you have dry flaky skin the choice of foundation is extremely important to work in tandem with your skin type. It is best to choose foundations that will give moisture to your skin. The first step is to have a good moisturizer. By moisturizing your face properly it helps with the application of your makeup. For Foundation it is best to choose oil based cream or liquid foundations. If you have extremely dry skin use powder sparingly as it can dry out your skin.
Avoid foundations with matte finishes as it can make your skin look chalky.

Makeup Tips for Glasses

credit: Prada

It's easy to fall into the rut of not wearing makeup because you wear glasses. News flash, we still can see your beautiful eyes behind those lens. Here are some tips I hope will help get you out of your "no makeup" rut.

Near sighted Eyes

If you are near sighted your eyes look smaller behind your glasses . In order to make your eyes pop, line the upper and lower lash line to make your eyes look larger. For the inner rim apply a nude liner, this will give the eye more pop and fullness.


The Inner-Rim

I know the Inner- Rim could pass as a movie title. Today we are taking a fresh approach to lining the inner rim of the eye ONLY!!

You can start out by layering the inner lashes with a black pencil and liquid liner, a fresh approach without looking harsh.

Look out for my upcoming tutorial showing how to line your inner rim.... a must see.

A Steal !!!!

If you are looking for deal check out Benefits' Cheeky Mini set where you get a shimmery luminizer and two lip cheek stains. Value for money, three for $15 ! It is certainly a deal to steal.

Benefit Cheeky Mini Set $15.00

Don't you just love a deal? 
Credit : R. Rodriguez. Stylist: Isabelle Ciceron. Hair: Candie

This photo shoot was done a wet day in a parking lot, it was fun trying to dodge the rain drops. In this shot I used earth tones for smokey eyes and for a pop of color I went into my supra color palette for an orange lip.

What is a must in your Kit

If you are thinking of becoming a makeup artist and you are stating to build your kit there are some important must haves in your kit. From my experience it is always a good idea to have above and beyond because you never know what you may be called on to do. Here are two things you should have just in case.

As an artist you may come across the occasional case where a model comes in with red eyes and that is a real no no. It is always best to have your trusty Visine handy to clear the redness as you want the best pictures possible with minimal corrections in post production.

Dealing with Red Eyes

We are sometimes faced with the issue of red, puffy and irritated eyes and there is no way that makeup can be worn. Here are a few tips for those days.
Try using cool cotton compresses with alcohol free toner on your eyes to reduce puffiness and ease the irritation.

Makeup essentials cont'd

Blush !

A great blush can brighten your face and give you a little color on those cheeks. One of my personal fav's which is very natural is Iman's Sunlit Copper.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Makeup essentials!


A good set of brushes are important when applying your makeup, the brushes you use when applying your bronzer and blush can make a world of a difference. A great tip before buying a brush is to run your fingers through the hairs to see if you have fall out. If you are able to get the hairs out that means the brush is not so good. Another good investment is a good foundation brush and concealer.
If you are on a budget I can personally recommend Eco tools, it is a bamboo brush foundation that has natural fibers and is cruelty free. It is an excellent brush that has rivaled my Prescriptives foundation brush. I have yet to see a hair come loose and you can't beat that it is for only $7.99. I have quite a few of them and it was the brush used in my foundation application tutorial.

Hightlighting tips

Summer Melt down Cont'd


For the hot weather it is best to use eye and lip pencils over liquid liner or lipstick. According to Good Housekeeping, the waxiness of these products resists disolution on damp skin.
Try using lip pencils under gloss, this makes the shiny layer last longer. Try to look for water proof formulation in these products.

Use Powder!!

Instead of cream formulations use blushes, bronzers and eye shadows in a powder form as the cream melts in the heat.

High Tech Formula's

Loreal Paris Double Extend Beauty $11.

According to TLC's Carmindy , it is best to use mascara with tube technology,as it's microfibers wrap around the lash and lengthens them . This type of mascara won't come off in the heat but with warm water rubbing gently. Carmindy says the waterproof formulas tend to leave lashes dry and brittle. (I will agree with Carmindy on that point).

Let me know how these tips work for you.

Friday, June 24, 2011


In this beauty shot I decided to go with a more romantic feel and so I looked at various hair styles that I believed would convey such feelings. After applying warm tones to the eyes I  created more definition for her brows by building on its shape. Lashes were applied to open up her eyes. For her lips and blush I used soft colors as the emphasis would be her eyes. I also added a touch of shavings from a type of flower in her hair to complete the look.

Avoid a Summer Meltdown !

Summer is here and many of us are facing between 90 - 100 degree heat and as a result we are faced with makeup melt down. I am faced with this issue, especially when I arrive to a set with a face full of runny makeup - not a good look I might add. Here are a few tips we can try to keep our makeup looking fab in the heat.

Try a Primer

Maybelline Age Rewind $9.99

Makeup primers are applied before the foundation, they create a barrier between the skin and the foundation filling out lines and creases in the skin. Primers allow the foundation to have more sustainability. Primers come in various price range starting at $10.00 and up.

Getting that Glow !

credit: The Fashion Whore Report

We are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities with the perfect skin and that Summer glow. Believe it or not ,it is easy to get that glow it just takes the know how of product placement - Yes folks, product placement. In this picture of Keri Hilson we see that the makeup artist applied bronzer at the high points on her body.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Apply Foundation

There is a Story Behind it !!!

When working on your portfolio keep in mind that every photo has a story. From the hair, makeup,clothes and the setting even the type of lighting the photographer uses it will convey some sort of meaning. That's why it is important to plan before a shoot, I have found that I got better results when I planned the makeup the clothes and discuss what kind of look or feel we wanted to achieve. Once that is established  we would move forward with that goal in mind, there would be no second guessing.
The key is preparation, you can't go wrong or be too prepared... Try it today !


On my agenda for the day I am going be visiting my friends and we are going to be making some videos, it should be fun. Lots of girl talk while I pretend to be an instructor. Honestly I remember when I was younger and my mother would call me to help in the kitchen to make the salad ( for some reason this was always my job) and I would pretend to be on a cooking show and talk about what I would be doing next in the preparation, it helped me to get through the task easily. I guess doing these videos are just like that, I am learning new things daily. Thanks for taking an interest and I will strive to improve the quality of the videos and my demonstrations.

Remember your ideas and questions are valued as it will help all of us grow. Post on the blog so others can see the questions and the answers. If you have answers to any questions you see on the blog feel free to give your input, we are all learning.

Hit Me UP!!

Let me know if you have any questions, post and I will answer and if you have any great ideas of videos you want me to do. I would love to hear from you

Look out for my upcoming videos on individual lash application and more....

Have a fabilicious Day

A Great Link!!

As I was browsing I came across a great link that Maybelline has where you can plug in various looks and up comes a lesson check it out. They have  64 lessons from the "after hours look " to the bohemian, what's not to love about that. 
Hit me up on my blog and let me know which ones are your fav's...

 Loves it !

Click click......


This picture represented the start of building my portfolio. Having moved from Jamaica I realised I needed to have an ever growing portfolio showing what I could do. Anyone can say they do great makeup but where is the proof. That was my dilemma, so I realised I had to get cracking to get my proof. I did the makeup and took the picture with my point and shoot camera. I knew that I needed more , but I had to work with what I had at the time. That is why networking is important.

For those of you who need to build your portfolio, you can start out by working on people you know until you get access to better models and photographers. I recommend joining a site called model mayhem where you can network with models and photographers and trade your time for print. That is a great way to build your port and establish connections in your area.

Check it out, sign up is easy all you have to do is upload a couple of images and await approval from their administrators, it is easy and free!  Let me know how it goes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lipstick not just for lips!

Lipstick is a product that can be used other places than the lip, it can act as a blush if you are caught in a jam and have forgotten to apply blush. If you have a lipstick that is a shade deeper than your lips, just dot some on and blend just like you would your cream blush.

Having lipstick handy at times can be a life saver, it certainly saved my life when I was on a shoot. I remember I was on a particular shoot at the beach and I had only taken the bare essentials such as powder and lipstick just in case for a touch up. I had left the heavy kit behind in the crew bus because to walk on the sand with the case would have been horrific. I didn't realise the director had intentions of shooting the talent in the water and so I was not prepared in terms of the right kind of makeup for the face. I was about to panic as I knew I had left the cream shadows and blushes back in the bus.

As I was about to pass out from panic a light bulb went off in my head, I remembered I had the lipstick and it being of a wax like consistency I used it as a blusher on the cheek and applied on the lips and a touch of color on the eyes just for some color and it worked. You live and you learn and I learned that day to try and be prepared for anything. In some cases it does happen where you are caught in a spot just try to be creative and work with what you have at your disposal.

For Oily Skin !

Selecting the right foundation for your skin type always poses a challenge for some of us, as it is hard to determine the type of coverage we need. Today we will look at selecting foundation for oily skin and what we should look out for when making the selection.

The point of wearing foundation is that it should appear seamless and blends well with your skin. It is best when making your selection that you check your makeup in natural light as the soft lights used in department stores prove to be deceptive.

Next ensure that the color matches the color on your neck to ensure that you don't have a two tone thing happening. For oily skin, the selection of oil free liquids ( they do contain some oil) are best and you can also try powder to cream which can is best for normal to oily skin.
Another product which has proven to be good for oily skin are foundation mousses.
 Some examples of makeup for that have been recommended for oily skin and true to color foundation, check out Loreal True match, Cover Girl True Blend, Mac, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives  cosmetics.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your Brows !

Good Morning !

credit: Alain Green Photography ; Designs by Nzinga Myton

This another snapshot in the series done with  Alain Green and hair stylist Candie for swimwear designer Nzinga Myton who will be launching her collection soon.

My Day on Set

There are days when you work on a set and the cast and crew are horrible. Yesterday thank God was one of my best days, I worked with a great crew and the cast which consisted of 2 models who were not only beautiful on the outside, they had great personalities. So my day was a breeze making them up to look like they were on the beach giving them fresh looks. This shoot was for a box cover that is DVD cover for a movie.

My workstation at Adept Studios where the photo shoot took place.

to see more pics of my day click click.

Monday, June 20, 2011


More to come, thanks for watching.

Skylar !

On this project with Skylar I used earth tones, a brownish plum for contour with gold for highlights, The Ben Nye fire wheel was placed at the T zone to draw attention to her bone structure. I added lashes which were used just as enhancement. In my next video I will demonstrate strip lash application.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Concealer Tips

More videos coming your way.

It's Complete!

# 5 on InStyle Magazine's list of universally flattering makeup for your lips is..

Josie Moran Lip Liner, Peach

According to Instyle, you can define your lips with pinkish brown color and it won't look 
cartoonish on fair, medium or dark skin.

Source: InStyle Magazine, April 2010 Edition pg266  Kari- Molver


Happy Friday!!! This is another one from my collection of beauty images, that illustrates the model in her natural state. The makeup is not overpowering her, we are able to see skin..

Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Blending is key to having beautiful makeup, let's look at different approaches in order to get a better understanding of what is blended makeup.

Makeup ( not blended)

This is a classic example of an eye makeup that is not blended properly. Do you see where the black shadow which is the contour color meets the highlight color, there isn't a gradual fusion of the colors. They do not flow into each other. The aim of blending is to break up or diffuse the harsh lines. The contour colour in the crease should be blended until it fades away flowing into the lighter color for the eyebrow.

Makeup (blended)

In this picture we see a marked difference, this eye makeup has 4 colours applied to the lid but the colors all flow naturally into each other. Notice you do not see where the gold starts or ends  or when it meets with the burgundy . The contour color is also blended in, and fades into both highlight colors on the the lid and towards the brow.

click to see more


This image was given a more sophisticated feel with the use of tulle. I decided to do a sort of bun up do with a donut like shape effect to the front of the face and at the back. Because of her pale porcelain skin I used pink tones, not  too dramatic.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wet Makeup Look

School Daze

 This was a part of the program where we all had to get casted to get moulds of our face. I just discovered what it felt to feel claustrophobia. You only had a little hole to breathe out of. You're not seeing it but a classmate was holding my hand.

These were our teachers Mr. Celaya and Danny. Look at that nose peeking out. After the  plaster is applied and set it is taken off and a mixture is poured in to cast the impression and then placed in a convection oven to be baked. When that is done it would be our responsibility to pry the cast of baked cement out and start working.

It's just like a great facial because all the properties are natural, this is what we call an algae cast.

I know it might appear as if I have no ability to breathe but I do, there's a tiny hole there, somewhere.

After the jump check out what the mould looks like.

Beauty !

This photograph was taken by Maximilian (MaksPhoto) and this was one of a series of beauty shots we did with the model Allison. We went for a natural look in this shot by using warm tones. In order to convey a more natural effect I chose to utilize brown lashes instead of black .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 U!

On the Instyle Magazine's universally flattering makeup list, for blush is.

Sally Hansen Sheer Cream Blush in Beaming.

When selecting a cream blush search for one that's not too pink and not too red, I would say more of a soft rose color. This shade can be layered for more vibrancy according to the Instyle insider. So get blushing today and brighten those cheeks !

Source : InStyle Magazine , April 2010 Edition pg 266.  Kari - Molver

Part 2 Contouring

Contouring 101

Making Faces  by Kevin Aucoin

This picture taken from "Making Faces", authored by Kevin Aucoin visually depicts where the highlights and shadows are placed. I know at first it may look a bit harsh but when blended it looks very natural. When doing contours and highlights you can choose to use either powder or foundation or both. You apply the darker product in the recess of the face to diminish it while the lighter areas will be highlighted to give the illusion of a more defined look. Take a before and after picture and see the difference contouring makes in your facial structure.

credit : Mario Dedivanovic

Kim K utilizes this technique to give her face a sculpted and more defined look.

click to see more

On the shoot

Swimsuit Designs by Nyzinga Myton

When you are in the business of beauty you will find that you have to be constantly building your portfolio. These tests or TFP's which are also called Test For Prints are done where the photographer, along with hair and makeup and the model give their time with the desire to get images that will enhance their portfolio. This effort when successful produces great images which could land the team work on an individual level. Before each shoot a concept is established so everyone knows their role and what they are bringing to the table to get the shots they need.
On this particular shoot we were working on a swimsuit line which will be launched by designer Nyzinga Myton.

Pics after the jump.

Soar !

"Attitude determines altitude." Anonymous

Having a great attitude can truly makes a difference in every area of our lives. Let's try and make that adjustment today, examine yourself and your response to others and see if it needs fixing. Look at the signals you are sending out, are they positive or negative? Remember even when we are silent our attitude speaks loudest, so there is no hiding it as it is written all over us.

Have a blessed day

Check out video after the jump

To You!

In this shot we decided to experiment with a bit more color and I used my Ben Nye Lumiere palette in gold and green. We were aiming for a more beauty concept and decided to use flowers just to add to the image. For blush I used a pink toned shade from my La Femme palette with a pink toned gloss.

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's 3.

Number 3 on the univerally flattering makeup list is deep cocoa liner. I am sure somewhere we all have that color hidden in our makeup bags, go check....

Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeliner in Earth $6

The Avon Minerals eyeliner in the Earth shade was selected by Instyle Magazine to represent one of the universal colors in makeup. The"Earth" shade is a deep coca liner  which Instyle says is "rich enough to register on dark skin but won't overwhelm ivory skin".

Source : InStyle Magazine , April 2010 Edition. pg 266 - Kari Molver.

Face Painting

The key to face painting is just have fun with it. A friend once told me that there are no mistakes when you are doing art. Make it your own, and play around with it as it is meant to be a fun exercise. It's a great way to bond with children.

To carry out my little project I used Kryolan aquacolor paint along with brushes and a sea sponge that you can pick up at your local craft store. Regular sponges work just as well, I just had the sea sponge so I just utilized it.

see the video after the jump..


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